• January 26, 2009

Unfitted Kitchens, the Next European Invasion

Fall in love with English kitchens

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I love the look and beautiful simplicity of these unfitted kitchens designed by British companies deVOL Kitchens and Plain English.


I have been drooling over these kitchens for the past 6 years, just waiting for the day when we remodel our kitchen.


Unfitted kitchens feature freestanding cabinetry. The cabinets are constructed of hardwoods and high quality materials. The quality of the construction often resembles a piece of furniture.


I love to imagine cooking in a kitchen like this. Well, in my fantasies, I love to imagine watching my husband, David, cooking in a kitchen like this while I sip a glass of wine and flip through the latest issue of “Food & Wine” magazine.


David is the chef in our relationship. I wish we had a kitchen that was worthy of his budding culinary abilities. He watches the Food Network the way some men watch ESPN.


Shelves instead of wall cabinets give the kitchen an open, airy feeling.


The freestanding hutch is a simple and elegant storage solution.


All the little drawers are reminiscent of Shaker furniture.


I am a big fan of painted cabinets.


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  1. Jennifer

    I generally can’t stand fitted kitchens, or fitted bedrooms, or whatever else the English “fit” (been over there lots of times, as the husband’s English), but these unfitted pictures are beautiful! I wouldn’t mind a nice Aga stove either! I don’t know if we’ll have money this century to finally do our kitchen, but I can dream.

  2. Susan

    1. to the right of the sink: remove the built-in and use an L counter which includes a stove. You can add an upper cabinet. Note this will look like your top ‘dream’ kitchen.

    2. to the left of the sink: keep the built-in. Move the floor vent to another spot in the kitchen. Put refrigerator next to the built-in. If possible, recess the fridge into the wall. I assume that there is some room since the built-in is recessed.

    3. the built-in that is removed from the right can be put somewhere else in the house — would it fit between doors on the north wall?

    I very much enjoy your blog! Susan

  3. Bespoke Kitchens London

    Those really are some beautiful kitchens, I’ve always dreamt of having a big kitchen with plenty of space and a big table to sit down and eat dinner with the family. Unfortunately our salaries won’t cater for my dream, but maybe one day it’ll happen. For now I’ll just gaze on at the beautiful kitchens and keep my fingers crossed.

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