• January 30, 2009

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More kitchen photos from my decorating files

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I have pulled these photos from multiple sources over the past 6 years while dreaming of remodeling our bungalow kitchen. If these photos have a theme, I would say it is the natural wood tones of the cabinets.


A small kitchen in a Gothic church that has been converted into a home. Look at those windows!


Above is the kitchen of a famous restauranteur (his name escapes me). I adore the black and white tile floor and the cast iron, peg leg sink.


Different view of the restauranteur’s kitchen. The wood farmhouse table is used as a workspace as well as a seating area. A plate rack covers the walls on each side of the cast iron sink.


I like the tile floor and all the counter space in this kitchen. It has a vintage feel yet appears very functional with adequate storage and work space.


The above kitchen features subway tile walls, open shelving, wall mounted plate rack and a center work island.

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  1. elizabeth

    I absolutely love that top kitchen. We have a small kitchen built in a 1927 home, I’d call it a half-Craftsman. Some of the quaintness, all of the tiny. Our kitchen is laid out similar to yours – three entry doors all on different walls, very little cabinet space and an awkward stove arrangement. I’ve been trying to convince my husband to knock down half a wall but he’s not budging. Meanwhile, I’m trying to be happy with our new sink and faucet and repainting! Good luck with yours, I know whatever you do with it will be lovely!

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