• January 28, 2009

I’ll Take a Kitchen Like Martha’s

Martha Stewart’s amazing kitchens

Inspiration, Kitchens

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  1. Mist

    I have the 6th picture, the one with the white fish mongerer’s table, saved in my “idea journal.” You know, for when we get around to redoing our kitchen sometime in the next 30 years or so… :)

  2. modernemama

    If you’re as rich as Martha you have staff to take care of dust and arrange those dishes neatly

  3. will

    OMG! I love it all! but what REALLY got me was the old EMBALMING TABLE used as a prep space under the open china storage. You can get these relatively cheap if you can find a good salvage place. I had toyed with the idea of getting one, but decided against it just because of what it was… now that Martha has done it I’m having second thoughts.

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