• January 29, 2009

Bungalow Kitchen Cupboards

1911 Kitchen

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I photographed the kitchen cupboards of a 1911 bungalow a few years back and saved them for the day when we remodel our kitchen.


What I like is the vast expanse of storage. It was difficult to photograph because the cupboards filled the whole wall.


This cupboard was built into the corner.


Bottom cupboards. The middle cupboard had a hinged bottom and was a flour bin.

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  1. Christopher Busta-Peck


    One thing you might want to consider would be to add a bit more space between your counter tops and the upper cabinets. While I think that the cabinets look great, in the few houses I’ve seen with cabinets like this, counters have not had that much space above them, which has made it hard to work. You might consider adding a bit more space between the upper and lower cabinets, if you plan to use the coundertops as a work surface.

  2. LaDonna

    I love the little locks on the cabinet doors

  3. hmc

    i agree with christopher! we are almost complete with our kitchen and did a large built-in like this one and can’t wait to see it done!! the previous upper cabinets were really low and made unusable space, now the cabinets don’t feel as bulky, either. it was a little more to do the flush frame cabinets/doors but i am happy we made that decision! good luck!

  4. Stephanie

    So, so, so fabulous!

  5. Joe

    Any ideas on where to find those latches? We have the exact same latches and pulls in our 1920′s craftsman. However, over the years people renovated, removing all but about three cabinets. We are looking to restore the house back to its glory, but am having a hard time finding a good match for the latches. Any leads would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, love the blog

    • Cassi

      Joe Check out houseofantiquehardware.com!! All my latches are missing and need to replace them and that can get pricey. Best prices here by a long shot!! Good luck and happy Reno!!

  6. Karen Crosby

    Oh these look JUST like a house in Ringsted IA that we bought for a 40 something son for…$10,000. But his wife hated that kitchen, and it stands vacant and still in their name. Pity, they don’t love the house but maybe someday someone will in the future. Never again will be help the grown kids out, we learned our lesson.

  7. Heritage house willing slaves

    Joe — you might try Lee Valley, since they have an extensive supply of reproduction hardware from that period. Good luck!

    1912 house in Old Strathcona, so your fans!

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