• January 14, 2009

Breathe In, Breathe Out…

Do bad things really come in threes?

Nothing Important,


Right now, my world seems to be spinning and I am just trying to catch my breath.

An unlicensed driver lost control of the car she was driving and crashed into our new car. Her car ended up on the sidewalk, wedged between our fence and a utility pole.

David was laid off from his job last Friday.

On Monday, we were deeply hurt by a family member and have been left feeling betrayed.

I have white knuckled it through the past few days and tried to keep in mind how lucky I am, in so many ways. But, if the great universe is listening, I have had enough! Please, don’t send any more bad things my way for a while. Pretty please.

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  1. adam

    Great recent posts, good redesign. Shame about the rest. I was in an accident once wherein four cars, mine included, were totaled by an uninsured motorist, driving a new model Mercedes. No fooling! The guilty party made an initial quarterly payment apparently, and none thereafter.

  2. Almost Angeleno

    Hi Heather -
    Am really sorry to hear about your string of well, bad s—.
    I’m not trying to minimize what you’re going through, but as someone who is still recovering from a 2-year illness that had left me bedridden for almost 6 months straight with symptoms so grueling (imagine itching and rashes so intense you could not sleep at all) – I just want to say that
    1). Your car is a material object. It can be replaced and that’s why we have insurance.
    2). Most everyone I know of who has lost their job/been laid off usually find something much better. Best of luck to David. And…
    3). Just about every family has someone who contributes (almost joyfully I might add) SOME kind of drama or disappointment. I have two older brothers AND a 24-year old son who relish on making our family situation difficult be it arrests (always petty crimes like unpaid parking tickets), homelessness (as a result of willful irresponsibility), and embarrassing our family to the community and extended family.

    What this all means is that you and David still have your health and friends…something I’ve only recently learned is priceless.

  3. Jennifer

    I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through. That’s quite a lot in a short period of time. I’m sure you two will get through this, and you’re definitely due for some better luck soon!

  4. Jennifer

    I’m so sorry to hear. Hopefully things will settle down and the universe will send some GOOD Karma after the bad!

  5. Steve

    Sorry to hear a hard start of a new year. We have to deal with the bad to really appreciate the good in our lives.

    Best wishes in the new year.

  6. Laura in Texas

    Poor thing–ouch! So sorry about all of that. Thanks for responding to my 1912 . . . email; that was fun to hear the update. As a fellow “craftsman” fan, I’m afraid I’ll just have to be your new friend and will say a prayer to the Lord above for you guys; for His protection and guidance and for His angels to protect your little home. I’m not sure the universe sees or hears, but I believe in a living God who does. Take care of you both.

  7. beth

    so sorry to hear about the tough times…these too shall pass! I hope,hope,hope things will turn around real soon. you and your adventure have brought such joy to those who visit here. It’s time for you to have a little joy,yourselves.
    all the best!

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