• December 19, 2008

Traditional Arts & Crafts Decorative Design

Historical examples of wall treatments and decorative schemes

Inspiration, Wall Treatments

walltreat_01 Wallpaper patterns and borders from 1911

walltreat_02 Sherwin Williams paint and design services advertisement from around 1910

The above Sherwin Williams advertisement was accompanied by the following text:

“This dining-room illustration demonstrates that very dignified and attractive effects can be obtained without over-decoration. Even with its attractive wall effects, beamed ceiling and fine furniture, the general effect is simple.”

walltreat_03Decorative schemes for a dining room or den.

walltreat_04Wallpapered dining room. The adjoining room is also wallpapered.

walltreat_05Wallpapered living room.

walltreat_06Dining room stencil ideas.

walltreat_07Children’s play room. Oversized wallpaper panels are repeated for great effect.

walltreat_08Art Nouveau wallpaper patterns. Aren’t these great?

Ever wonder how to clean your walls?

walltreat_09Maid vacuuming the walls of an upper class home, early 1900s.

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  1. TWB

    Wow! These pictures are a gift, keep them coming.

  2. jolynna

    At a clients request, I once designed and my company printed out a border exactly like the 3rd one from the lower left on the wallpaper border graphic.

    Now I know where the client got his inspiration.

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