• December 30, 2008

Space Saving Built-Ins

Traditional Arts & Crafts built-in furniture

Built-ins, Inspiration, Storage

builtin_01Built-in closet and drawers

In a small space every inch counts. Built-ins offer clever and functional storage solutions for small spaces.

builtin_02Built-in bookcase and bench with lift-top seat for additional storage flank the fireplace

Bookcases, benches or desks utilize the space next to bungalow fireplaces. Fireplaces were considered the heart of the home and made an ideal spot to curl up with a good book.

builtin_03Built-in writing desks

Hiding a desk in a room divider or a corner is a clever way to maximize areas of the room that would not otherwise be used.

builtin_09Built-in storage drawer

This drawer provides additional storage as well as a place to sit. I always have a stack of things waiting to be taken upstairs piled in my stairway. I wish I had a beautiful drawer like this one.

builtin_04Bench is built into the stair railing

Every space is put to good use. The built-in bench is next to the wall niche holding the telephone.

builtin_05Built-in china cabinet

No bungalow dining room is complete without a built-in china cabinet.

builtin_06Built-in window seat and library

This window seat and small library from a 1920′s catalog looks very inviting.

builtin_07Curved window seat

The built-in seating and storage cabinets provide maximum seating and functionality in a curved room.

builtin_08Built-in window seat, bookcases and desk

Built-ins provide a lot of storage while taking up a minimal amount of floor space, making them ideal for tiny spaces.

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  1. Stephanie

    Sigh! Oh how I wish we had a built-in desk somewhere. My “desk” is our dining room table!

  2. becky

    Love the desk!

  3. Caitlin

    Oh, wow, LOVE the built-in desk ideas!!! I have to file that idea away for later . . . BTW, I only recently found your blog and I love it. :)

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