• July 29, 2008

We Just Had an Earthquake

Rockin’ and Rollin’

Nothing Important,

Winston’s first big earthquake! He wasn’t a fan.

I was ok when the quake happened, but now I’m kind-of freaked out and feeling anxious. Delayed reaction. I’m always disoriented when the shaking starts and never quite sure if what I am feeling is actually an earthquake or my imagination.

I was braced in a doorway thinking, “I wonder if this is going to get worse? This might be the BIG ONE,” just as casually as if I was thinking about what I need to buy at the grocery store. Strange how the mind works.

This earthquake seemed to last longer than most quakes. It was what I call a “rolling” quake, the whole house moved in gentle waves like a sailboat being rocked back and forth across the surface of the ocean.

David felt the quake at his work in Santa Monica. We are both fine and our house also appears to be fine…nothing broken, nothing cracked…except for my nerves.

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  1. Why S?

    It really did seem to last a lot longer than past quakes. I was at work in West LA. I thought “At lunch, I should take my car out of the parking garage and park it down the street, just in case.” But then, I got really hungry and decided to just stay in and eat. I guess we get over these things quickly. I haven’t been home yet but my husband reports that the house is ok. I’m glad your house is fine, too.

  2. Niek Hindriks | BungalowSelect

    I was on holidays in the area of Santa Monica, it was for the first time I ever expierenced an earthquake (we don’t have them in Holland). I was quite scared to be honest.

  3. Julia

    Just thought I’d ask if you are still working on your house? I have missed your updates.

  4. Nicci

    Question about how you restored your windows.

    We need to restore our windows in 1940′s bungalow. Any advice on how to go about this? We know the sash has lead paint, the frames do night. We have a young child, so want to get the lead paint off safely.

    Love the before and after pictures. The house is beautiful.


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