• October 19, 2007

Alternative Cat Perch

Restoration Diary,

Jack's favorite new sleeping spot.
Jack’s favorite new sleeping spot.

The bathroom sink isn’t hooked up and hasn’t been operational since we have lived in the house. I’m glad the sink finally has a purpose.

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  1. meg

    It’s a lolcat waiting to happen!

  2. Jill

    Another entrant for Cats in Sinks!

    He is one cute kitty.

  3. Deirdre

    When we first got our cat, Charlie, he spent the first few days curled up in the bathroom sink. When we moved here, he did the same thing. He just feel safe there I guess. Being all black he looks very dramatic in the white sink.

  4. Sandra

    Haha ! A cat sink, what a great idea ! :-) (Lots better than the cat toilet.)

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