• September 17, 2007

Buying A Fixer

If I only knew then what I know now, I’d still do it all over again

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  1. nate

    What a great idea for a post. I wish I could have read it before I purchased my house. I think I’m going to be realizing more and more of your advice to be true the further I plunge into my house’s renovation.

    You have a great blog here, keep it up!

  2. Ann

    My husband & I just moved from a Victorian cottage to a 2000 sq. ft. 1921 bungalow in rural Oregon. Thankfully its woodwork is unstained and most everything is intact, because I am not as energetic as you all! Your site is an inspiration to me. I noticed while looking at the Craftsman garage photos you have up that the photo host, Yahoo, is closing Sept 20. Hope you can save them and archive them elsewhere. Thanks for all the info you have here!

  3. Jessica

    I moved into a 1910 bungalow in South Central Los Angeles last June and I have to say I really like my neighborhood. (We also moved from the Westside.) I wanted to move into West Adams, but we couldn’t afford it so we had to look a little farther south for our bungalow. “Chesterfield Square” is the susposed name of the neighborhood. It’s awesome. All you need to do is turn off of the main streets and all of a sudden you’re in a neighborhood. My neighbors are all really nice and came over slowly but surely to introduce themselves. It’s a lot of older people and some families. One of the major pluses of living in my neighborhood is also living very close to a home depot!

    For people out there who are looking for a bungalow but can’t afford West Adams, there are other options. I was a little worried before I moved in but I am really happy that I made this decision. South Central gets has a bad reputation, but so far it’s been great for me. Yay for Chesterfield Square.

    And thank you for your blog. I’ve used quite a few of your references and seeing your house progress gives me hope when I get bummed out about the long process of owning a fixer-upper. When I finally get to the outside of the house, (which won’t be for awhile) I really want to get alarm window screens like you did. Those look really neat.

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