• July 27, 2007

John L. Welsh Obituary

Restoration Diary,

Oh, our poor neglected blog! We have moved our restoration efforts upstairs and are currently camping out downstairs. We are sleeping on the pull out sofa bed and have turned the dining room table into a make shift closet, piled high with clothes. Everything is in such a disarray. I can’t find anything that I may be looking for, including the time to post on the blog.

I am also helping co-ordinate the remodel of a very cute late 1920′s Spanish style bungalow.

I know I often complain of feeling “burnt out and SO over” the restoration of our house, but there are things that still get me excited. I love that there always seems to be something left to discover or another surprise waiting to be revealed.

Yesterday, I recieved an email from someone living in our neighborhood who provided additional information about the the John Welsh family, the family who built our home. Not only did I have complete house envy when I saw pictures our neighbor’s home, but I learned that John Welsh had another daughter! I hadn’t turned up any information about her in my research. It seems that this other daughter has quite a story which I will share once I learn more.

I was also forwarded John Welsh’s obituary from May 30, 1932:

Welsh. May 30. John L. Welsh, beloved husband of Katherine Welsh; father of Mrs. Don F. Catudal and Mrs. Walter Hempel. Funeral Wednesday, 8:45 a.m., from the Frank D. Weber Mortuary. Mass at Holy Name Church at 9:30 a.m.

I want to say thank you to our neighbor, Danny, who found this information about the Welsh family. I am so excited!

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  1. jolynna

    Interesting that you have new information about the family that used to live in your house.

    I can’t wait to hear about Regina.

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