• March 25, 2007

Copper Screen Door

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Two years ago the cast and crew of Restoration Realities spent a weekend helping us insulate our front windows and build a period-appropriate screen door.

Since then I’ve managed to stick a rocking chair through the screen and also ruin the door jam. Everyday the tear in the screen seems to get bigger because now the animals have become accustomed to using that hole as a pet door. The screen door also frequently gets stuck in the door frame when the handle is locked and the door is slammed shut.

So after months of procrastinating, I’ve decided it’s time to finally restore the Restoration Realities screen door. The first thing we have to do is find a new screen. Heather has always wanted a copper screen in the door, and we’ve tried to find it locally but with no luck. So recently I did some searching on the internet and was able to find a copper wire mesh at Metro Screen Works which we will be ordering next week.

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  1. merideth

    holy crap I can’t believe that episode was 2 years ago! Time flies!

  2. jm

    No kidding. Wow. Time IS really flying. Nice sourcing on the copper screen!

  3. Owen

    I am looking for salvaged parts for the old hidden metal screens. They are metal boxes with pull bars which attach to the screens.

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