• February 4, 2007

Lulu, we will always love you.

Our beautiful pet corgi and restoration buddy has passed away

Restoration Diary, ,

Written by David:
I remember the first time I saw Lulu. It was about 8 years ago at the pet store. Heather had seen her there previously and thought she was the wierdest looking puppy she had ever seen with short legs, big paws, big ears and a missing tail.

I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to get a dog but after driving around and talking about possbile pet names we decided to go back to the pet store to see her again. I asked one of the pet store employees if they could take her out of the cage and they handed her to me. She was so tiny and her fur was so soft. You could just tell that she had a great little personality. Lulu won me over and we took her home that day. She became a part of our family.

Lulu was the sweetest dog with such a great personality and calm demeanor. I used to take her to work with me everyday and she would just hang out in the office and contently lay by my chair as I worked. She was much loved by everyone who came in contact with her because she was so quiet and well behaved.

She loved to go on walks at the beach and at Runyon Canyon. She would always go on ahead a little bit then stop and look back making sure we were following her. She would also herd us together nipping at our heels making sure we stayed together as a pack. Lulu’s been a big part of our life. She was there through the wedding planning and she was at the door and happy to see us when we returned from our 2-week honeymoon in Tahiti.

Lulu was with us when we moved from our apartment to our house. She’s been through all the restoration process living with us in the sawdust and giving cheer to all our various contractors. Lulu also got to travel with us over two different holidays – one year going to visit my parents in snowy Utah, and another time she got to visit the farm in Indiana.

She was always so sweet, happy and healthy. That’s why it was such a shock to us to find out Thursday night in the animal critical care center that she had a tumor that had burst and was bleeding into her abdomin. Lulu was even just at the vet a few days earlier because we thought she might have back problems and there was no indication then that there was anything else wrong with her.

Thursday night Lulu went into shock because of the tumor and the doctor said that her vital signs were so low they were worried that they might not be able to keep her stabilized through the night for emergency surgery the next day. So we were faced with a decision that we didn’t want to make: either try to put her through surgery and see if they could remove the cancer cells and to see if the cancer had spread, or to put her to sleep.

Surgery is no guarantee which we have found out in the past putting one of our cats through two major surgeries trying to remove a cancerous tumor – which turned out to be unsuccessful. We didn’t want to put Lulu through all that pain and suffering. She was such a sweet dog. So Thursday night we made the hardest decision to say our final goodbyes as she gently fell asleep and through the tears I whispered in her ear “We love you baby girl.”

We miss her so much. The house isn’t the same without her.

Lulu, we love you.

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  1. Jill

    I’m so shocked and saddened to hear about Lulu. You two have been through so much lately, I just don’t know what to say, except thank you for sharing her with all of us over these past few years, and I hope that the knowledge that there are people out here that you don’t know who are grieving along with you and thinking of you at this awful time gives you some comfort.

  2. Tina

    I am so sorry to hear about Lulu’s passing. Your beautiful post was a very moving tribute to her spirit.

  3. Julie

    I”m so sorry to hear about Lulu.
    As a pet owner who has
    so BTDT I understand how you feel.

  4. iowa greyhound

    Lulu sounds like such a wonderful dog. It’s so hard to lose a pet, hang in there.

  5. Greg

    Well, that is too bad. I think you made the right decision.

  6. Leslie

    I’m so sorry to read this. I hope that all of the wonderful memories you have of her will help you through your grief.

  7. Kim

    I’m so sorry you guys. It must be such a shock. I’m glad that she didn’t suffer.


  8. halloweenlover

    I’m so sorry, this is just so unfair. My thoughts are with all of you.

  9. Lisa and Eric

    You guys.. My husband and I read your website all the time – we are also renovating an historic home. We have cried over the losses of all your animals – it just doesn’t seem fair that they are being taken from you in these tragic ways. No words can describe what you must be feeling right now over losing Lulu. Don’t give up Heather – hang in there. Life is going to get better, one day at a time.

    We are so very sorry for your loss…

    Lisa and Eric
    Vancouver BC Canada

  10. teri

    Okay, I have to say that I stumbled upon your website last night in looking for photos of people who had done renovations with bricks. To my great delight I found yours. YOU have given me inspiration, even though we have been renovating our 1959 little cape cod home now since 2001, boy that seems so long ago, we’ve been doing it totally ourselves and at times find it so daunting.

    I just wanted to say that I understand how you feel about Lulu. I’m a dalmatian mom of three wonderful dalmatians and the year that we bought this house or first “married life” dog passed away after only being in the house for 3 months. I told him to hang on all his life (military family) that we would one day have a home and yard of our own. He hung in there at age 14 he went to the bridge. He survived thyroid cancer at age 10, silly me I thought he was so young then. :) He was our first born and boy was it difficult to have him leave us after 14 years. Now we have three more spoiled rotten dogs, George age 11, Penny age 7 and Bailey age 2. Oh yeah and one human child age 19! Well hang in there. I’m looking forward to seeing more progress as you go. I can’t wait to get our site up and going of what we have done too.

  11. Kurt

    I am so very sorry for your loss… my wife and I were forced to make the same painful decision just a week before you. Our 11 year old husky was diagnosed with what appeared to be a manageable lymphoma Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, just when the treatments appeared to be working, she took a turn for the worst. The house is so quite now. We miss her so much.

  12. Rain

    She’s soo cute , I’m so sorry that Lulu passed away.

  13. Joyce Speer

    We used have a Welsh Corgi that we got in England.They are perfect dogs–they’ll love you and keep you under guard:) Sorry about your puppy!

  14. beth

    I know it’s been awhile but I was just back on the website to see what was new and in browsing I saw this. I was so taken with her and had been thinking of adopting a dog. I went on petfinders.com and looked for corgis in my area. what a surprise,,,the first dog that came up was named Lulu!
    best of luck with the house.
    it’s beautiful and you’ll get there,someday!

  15. Michele

    Found your blog by accident…looking for paint colors and enjoying your restoration ruminations (is that the word?)
    So sorry about your sweet pup…she is in heaven where the bad squirrels go.
    Our last kid worked us over into getting a dog…she is studying to be a Vet now and we are stupid over her dog Love who sleeps on our bed! She wants to change nutrition for pets…so they don’t get sick.
    My Dad loved dogs…and had many through out his life…that greeted him in heaven ready to go for a walk! I know
    Lulu would want you to pick our a new friend…if it fits your lifestyle. Petfinders is amazing…you cannot believe
    how many doggies on there want homes…pick the one that fits your life the best!
    Our daughter likes Blue or Evo as foods…add Ziwi Peak for snacks! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Nikki

    First of all, I am balling right now b/c it is so sad. But this is SUCH a similar situation that happened to my corgi Shane! He was put under to check on something and cancer spilled out of his belly…and I had to make the decision to wake him up and do surgery later or just let him glide to death…which is what I choose….so sad. :( :(

    I think you made the right decision. Corgis are the best. His little brother Cody is 2 years younger than him, but is almost 16 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TROOPER!

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