• November 9, 2006

The Staining Begins

Staining our Douglas fir woodwork

Restoration Diary, Stain,


Matching the new stain color with the existing dining room stain color. Just look at all that dust from sanding the wood on the window ledge and my kitchen floor.

The wood grain in the door trim is particularly nice.

The cherry wood stairs have been masked off to protect them from stain.

The fumes from the stain and varnish have driven us to sleep on the pull out bed in the den. Oh, the things we do for our houses…

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  1. Chris Emery

    That wood is beautiful. There’s nothing quite like old wood trim is there? The grain on the door trim is really lovely.

  2. MichaelK

    As someone whose time to stain & varnish is fast approaching, I just gotta know: what did you use? How many coats & how long has it taken you (post sanding)? It look lucious; Congratulations, you guys are the Pros!

  3. heather

    Hi. Thanks for the comments!

    We used a combination of Miniwax stains. We’ve also used Watco Danish Oils in the past and liked it as well. Three coats of staining took about 6-8 hours with drying time in between.

    The varnishing was completed in 3-4 hours the next day, but only one coat. Because of the weather it took a long time to dry. It will need another 2-3 coats of varnish.

  4. Jean

    I don’t know if yo are still checking this site but thanks for having it here. I am rennovating a 1900 brick shotgun style colonial and your bathroom pictures were a big help. Thank you.

  5. Heather

    Yep, still checking. :)
    Thanks Jean!

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