• October 2, 2006

The Work Goes On

Restoring a bungalow hallway

Restoration Diary

The opening for the French doors needs to be enlarged.


I wanted the doors to be centered on the opening that you see from the landing (see first photo). The center of the opening was measured and marked with a pencil line to make sure the alignment of the French doors will be dead center.


Photo taken from the sleeping porch looking towards the landing. Plastic was put up over the bathroom and bedroom doors to try to contain all the dust and debris. You can see the French doors in the foreground.


The wall was framed with 2 x 2′s.


We were dismayed to find two 2 x 2′s functioning as the sole framing for the wall. Not good!


You can see the original clapboard siding and stain color. The original green house color is actually brighter then we had thought. The sleeping porch was an additional made in 1918.


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  1. Dave

    While my bungalow isnt two storied like yours, whomever owned our house previously enclosed our patio as well. Im guesstimating around the 1930′s-1940′s they did this. Ive now got a small (like 8′x8′) office with 6.5′ ceiling and a decent sized dining room, but with a low ceiling instead of the porch. Ive already redone the office… looks nice… and about to embark on ripping up the dining room and redoing it since it was poorly enclosed and without insulation at all. I think I can do a much better job! We also have these louvered glass windows too.. I wonder if that was period to the year our homes were built or some change later on?

    Great job you guys! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. OA

    Yeah, that bright green, if it’s the same as what we found on ours (also having gotten down to the original layer) has an ”Ajax” hue to it…must’ve been pretty popular at the time.

    By the way, those doors with the art glass (shown in picture 6) are beautiful — custom made? You two are going to have one showpiece of a house when it’s all said and done!

    Hope little Winston’s doing well.

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