• October 19, 2006

The Antique French Doors Are Installed

Leaded glass French doors were salvaged from a 1915 home

Restoration Diary

Pablo and crew have framed in and hung the French doors.

Photo taken from our bedroom. It’s difficult to get a good shot due to the narrowness of the back hallway. These photos were taken at night so things look a little dark.

At happy accident – the doors are the same width as the stairwell opening. Um, I mean, I planned for this all along.

Being enamored with the idea of opening up the back hallway to the sleeping porch and letting in more light, I decided to have another door built to match the antique doors. I thought it would look more symmetrical with four doors instead of three. We met with and hired a carpenter to build another door. The carpenter didn’t show or call to cancel.

I decided to keep the project going and use the doors we had. This is one time I am happy to have been stood up by a contractor! One thing I have learned through our restoration experience: Going with the simplest, most straight forward solution is usually the best choice and always the cheapest one.

Close up view of the doors framed by the stairwell.

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  1. Aarlene

    Oh the doors look grand! And so does the family.
    My dentist charges $40 for a missed appointment. Just a thought.

  2. RPF

    The sleeping porch and doors look great. Now do you have room for your impending shipment?

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