• August 25, 2006

Letting In Light

Next steps in our hallway restoration project

Restoration Diary

We usually close the sleeping porch door to keep the cats out of that room. You can imagine how dark our hallway and stairwell are with the door closed.

The sleeping porch has windows on three sides of the room allowing the natural light to stream in. Light fills the hallway when the door is open. There used to be windows on each side of the door but a previous owner removed them to make a third bedroom. Photo taken at the top of the stairs looking towards the sleeping porch.


I purchased these doors off eBay. Let me state for the record how much I love eBay! The doors are from the early 1900′s. The door opening will need to be enlarged a little bit to accommodate the French doors. I’m really looking forward to having light in the back hallway and stairwell.

The wood is a little beat up but not beyond repair. The beveled glass is in perfect condition.

The design is a tulip pattern.

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  1. Greg

    Nice doors, and yes, EBay is a savior. The best part about finishing the bathroom is I didn’t have to dig the cats out from under the floor boards anymore.

  2. Dave

    Simply beautiful! Your house will be a museum in the future! An ebay museum? :)

  3. deb

    love the doors! the tulip design was a typical design of the a&c movement so it should fit in perfectly with the rest of your abode- great choice!

  4. merideth

    those are gorgeous! what an incredible find! i’ve been trolling ebay for doors for out dining room built in but havent been so lucky…still, with the ultimate jackpot of our front dor an ebay find, i cant feel too snubbed by the auction gods…

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