• August 21, 2006

Before: Landing and Stairwell

Our next bungalow restoration project

Restoration Diary

The last little section of our upstiars home tour is the tiny landing at the top of the stairs between the bedrooms.

I am standing at the top of the stairs on the landing, looking towards the sleeping porch. The door to the sleeping porch is open and you can see a little bit into that room.

Photo taken at the top of the stairs looking down (standing at an angle). On the left, the plaster wall is bowing out a little bit. There are also several holes in the plaster towards the bottom of the stairwell from when we updated the electrical.

On the wall at the bottom of the stairs are some test paint colors. I found the original wall color for the stairwell. It is a soft yellow orange color. I’m going to match the paint to that original color.

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  1. Greg

    Nice tour. I’ve been following along.

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