• February 18, 2006

1912 Bungalow TV Debut

We are on the DIY Network TV show, "Restoration Realities"

Restoration Diary

Just a reminder: tomorrow (Sunday) our episode of Restoration Realities will be airing on the DIY Network. We previously blogged about the filming of the show and now you can see the results.

Heather looked at some of the photos and thinks the house looks great, but that she looks fat – so she is now on a diet. Personally I hope we don’t come off looking like idiots.

They have a nice feature about the episode online (click on any of the photos to view larger).

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  1. Greg

    Wow, actual TV stars. So how did this come about? Did they find you because of the blog, or did you solicit them? I guess I could go back and read an old blog entry, but I’m basically a very lazy person.

  2. Jenne

    I’m packing up the dog and heading up to my parents’ to watch your show! [we don't have cable] I can’t wait!

  3. OA

    I’m waiting to hear about the additional hobbies David’s taken up since the filming! Spelunking?… Astronaut-in-training?…

    Hehe. Just kiddin’ Dave!

  4. laurie

    Wow! I’m so jealous of the door they helped you put in. I’d die to have such a great door. Oddly, my husband and I were just talking today about where we might get a screen door that would be appropriate for our house.

    Wish we had cable.

    I’ve looked at your photos, and let Heather know she looks terrific – not fat at all!!

  5. Carol

    Hey- your episode was a good one. I have seen all the episodes of that show (thanks to Tivo) and have found many of their projects to look slightly cheesy. Your door was OK and the fir trim they did in that large house in LA was great. I was appalled by the hollow core “craftsman” front door they made in TN. And also the fix they did on the Atlanta termite damage would have me tearing up the siding after filming stopped to check for more damage. Also, they leave out SO much detail it is embarrassing to watch. Houseblogs are much more deatil-oriented. Your house photographed well on TV (except what do you do about the across the street people?)

  6. homeimprovementninja

    Yeah, I caught most of the show. I had two comments:
    1) I really like those dormers. I can’t believe some people replace them with skylights because they are easier to install.

    2) If the camera’s were on me, I would’ve done the door the same way (with tongue and groove). But if the camera guy left the room, I would’ve whipped out the Biscuit Joiner and done it with wood biscuits. Then I would yell at people who slammed my door.

  7. heather

    Thanks for everyone who watched. I was relieved that we didn’t come off like total fools!

    Carol – hi! How have you been? The across the street people were surprisingly quiet and managed to not park their cars in front of our house during the filming. They must have been having an off day. :)

    That house with the fir trim that you mentioned is located close to us. David and I went over and helped them paint the walls and ceiling for a couple of hours after the first day of filming at their house. It is a gorgeous house. They were really smart about getting materials donated. They got 4 or 5 lighting fixtures from Rejuvenation and the paint donated for giving a mention in the show’s credits. David and I weren’t that smart…we didn’t think of that.

  8. merideth

    DUDES! we totally saw y’all. We had that show tivo’d from back when they filmed so we’d be sure to catch it.

    My favorite part of the whole thing was how the host guy practically cheered heather for firing the nail gun “You Did It!” As though she would be SO AMAZED that she could handle a power tool all by her lil ole self. Shucks little lady.

    Intentional or no, heather did a great job of being subtly smug. Beth and i laughed all the way through it knowing how many HUGE projects y’all took on with no one chirping “You did it!” with every flip of a power switch.

    Your screen door looks great by the way.

    Rock on you two!!

  9. Dave

    Fat? NOT AT ALL!

    Great TV show. I really appreciate you guys putting this up online. My wife and I just purchased out first home… a 1916 bungalow… been searching the net for good info on restoration work and found your site. Thanks again for all the inspiration!


  10. E.D. Barber

    is there a video of this Sunday’s program? Watched it!!
    It is great!!! Loved, the way it was done. First time that I have seen your wonderful account of restoration
    and remodeling.

    Congratulations on your project; and hope to see many more promotions.

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