• January 24, 2006

Children’s Rooms

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I find this room striking with the bold color combination, the detail on the gate at the end of the room, and the built-in storage area underneath repetitive bold prints.


it is interesting to see the colors pink and blue so well integrated with each other.


This room could almost be an adult room except for the child sized furniture.

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  1. Kayleigh

    Are you trying to tell us something? ;-)

  2. heather

    Ha! No, no hidden messages here. Although David’s parents would be thrilled if that were the case. :)

  3. Nathan Cederoth

    I, like your mom, had stopped visiting when I found no lifeguard on duty. Glad I checked back in and caught up. Your entry about Oliver got me misty at work~ I swear I stayed with a woman years too long because she was the first person I didn’t feel too stupid to cry about my first cat’s death with. It’s so much harder than we think when we just think about “pet”.
    um… yeah, so the real thing that prompted me to comment:
    FLWright’s playroom for his children in Oak Park~ it may be overexposed for inclusion here, but it deserves it. In photos it always comes off too grand for a playroom, but those pictures are capturing the child’s eye view. Actually going into the space is much different than I imagined it. It’s perfectly scaled for children. Grand to them, cozy too us; ultimately simple but full of detail. The scale is astounding and it manages to be absolutely obviously for children without hitting a single note of baby talk or condescension: just what I would wish for my children (someday).
    The pictures you posted remind me of Swedish painter Carl Larson, whose work is all about his homelife and beautifully depicts the charming day to day of his family and friends.

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