• July 6, 2005

Our House In The 1940s

We get to see wedding photos taken at our house

Restoration Diary,

Photo of our house in the 1940's
Photo of our house in the 1940′s

Mrs. O. sent us some wonderful old photos of our house. She didn’t include a date but I am guessing they were taken in the mid to late 1940s. The front porch was enclosed with glass window panes. Several houses in our area still have their front porches enclosed in this fashion. I have to confess that I like the way it looks. It reminds me of a greenhouse.

After I first met Mrs. O. a year ago last spring, we shared a phone conversation in which she asked if the “little picket fence” was still outside the upstairs bedroom window? That had been Mrs. O’s bedroom when she lived in the house. I got excited because there is no “little fence” now but I had seen a few on houses in our area. I couldn’t exactly picture how it would have looked and wondered if it was an original feature of the house or something added later? After seeing these pictures I am convinced it was original to the house because it matches the porch railing in style and proportion.

Mrs. O. on her wedding day coming down the front steps of our house
Mrs. O. on her wedding day coming down the front steps of our house

This photo clearly shows the “little picket fence” outside the upstairs bedroom window. The house had been painted white but did not yet have asbestos shingle siding. It also shows more detail of how the front porch was enclosed. That is Mrs. O. coming down the front steps on her wedding day!

Mr. and Mrs. O.
Mr. and Mrs. O.

This is a photo of Mr. and Mrs. O taken on their wedding day in our front yard. She wrote on the back of the photo that the little flower girl lived in the apartments across the street. You can also catch a glimpse of Mrs. O’s dog in the lower right hand corner.

The little bungalow and palm trees in the background are no longer there. The little bungalow has either been torn down and replaced or altered beyond all recognition by an unattractive peach and cream stucco style track house.

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  1. Jocelyn

    how lovely to have those photos. One reason many of us probably love old homes is because they harken back to earlier times and lots of good memories within them. How nice to actually know some of the stories of your house!

    It’s on my list to research the builder and original dwellers of our building at the Chicago Historical Society- I have been told it would take an afternoon if we’re lucky. That’s a winter project for us.

  2. merideth

    God i love history! i’m so excited for you that you have these links to your house, and your, history!

  3. Greg

    I’m envious of your pictures. I have searched high and low for old pictures of my house and found none. One day at my last house (1875 Greek Revival) a woman came to my door and told me here family owned my house for many decades. She had pictures of the house with dirt streets, wooden sidewalks, and a horse parked out front. Very cool! She no longer lived in the area but she sent me copies in the mail a few weeks later.

  4. deb

    those photos are gorgeous! i’d love to see them side by side with some current pics! you’re so lucky to have that connection to your home’s past!

  5. jenne

    I wish I had pics of my house back in the day! Those pictures are awesome!

    I just have pics of the people who lived in it.
    I will have to look around more.

  6. Kristin

    Oh, I’m so jealous! Those are beautiful. How wonderful to know – and see in photographic evidence – the life your house once led. :)

  7. Monica

    Photos are the best. We have 2 of our little house. We’re framing ours and putting them up.

  8. Trissa

    That’s so wonderful to have the pictures and personal stories. We have census pictures from 1938 and 1962 that the county took. It is great for you to have some of the history of your house. I bet she is glad that you have the house and are putting so much care into it!

  9. bungalowdoglover

    Where are you guys??? We all miss you!

    Did the vines ever grow over Simon and Lulu’s living doghouse?

  10. erin

    As I write this, my paint stripping chemical is eating away at a small “test” area of paneling in our dining room. I found your advice on paint stripping earlier in the week and rather than try to hand sand off the inside moulding I decided to go buy a chemical to see if that works any better! Thanks for your detailed instructions!

  11. Heidi

    Wow…a visit and photos from a former resident!! That is so cool! I have been in contact with two of my home’s former owners, one of whom still lives in my town. No pictures yet, though. I have decided to start an album for the house that notes any changes made to the house, pictures of the house the way it looked when we lived there and photos of our family during holidays. Hopefully, the next owners will add their own notes and photos!

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