• March 11, 2005

How Could They Destroy That House?

A beautiful Craftsman home destroyed, even though it is just for Hollywood Land


You know you’ve been working on your house too long when you watch a movie trailer specifically because it features a beautiful craftsman house. You also realize you might need help when you get upset that they destroy the house in the movie. (it’s just a movie. duh.)

Movie trailer: Zathura

When that first meteor burned a hole through the beautiful hardwood floor I was like, “NO!”

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  1. jm

    Oh!! I felt the same way watching Old School (even though I love that movie). When they had the frat party and trashed the bungalow (including spray paint on the walls), I cringed.

  2. tully monster

    …and I know I’ve been reading these bungalow blogs WAY too long when I flinch at the destruction of the robot inventor’s house (a large 1920′s-era bungalow in a futuristic city) in “I Robot.”

  3. Jess

    Ha ha! I thought I was the only crazy one. I saw the trailer and just ’bout crapped to see the meteors burning through. I was mad at the kids; in the context of the clip it seemed that all they had to do to stop the shower was to hide–and they weren’t!

  4. Jill

    One thing I’ve noticed is that a disproportionate number of houses in movies and TV commercials are craftsman houses or bungalows.

    Even in something like Garfield: The Movie, the guy lived in a bungalow. In We Don’t Live Here Anymore, the house was full of Arts & Crafts/Mission style furniture. And course there’s Brenda’s wonderful bungalow on Six Feet Under. And there’s some TV commercial on now, I don’t know what the product is, which features a couple of guys about to knock down a beehive. The house in that one is pretty cool too.

  5. Anna

    A large number of movies are filmed in Pasadena, which has a large number of Craftsman bungalows, some designed by and most inspired by the architect Greene and Greene and the Gamble house. Therefore – a lot of bungalows in movies…

  6. Jocelyn

    I just made my own web blog and I put a link to your site, which I am hoping is okay. I know you guys are on hiatus, but I love your work as I’ve said before.

  7. heather


    Hi! We don’t mind that you are linking to our site at all. Thanks. We’ll be sure to check your site out.

    heather + dave

  8. Erica

    Hi, I just came upon your site because I was trying to find out which house was used in Zathura! I saw the film last week, and the house is beautiful! It has some wonderful stained glass which looks like a Ted Ellison design, but I am trying to find out more info. If you know anything, could you let me know? I am in the Pasadena area.

  9. Alicia

    Another good movie is The Story of Us, Michelle Phiefer lives in a beautiful arts and crafts home. Also the show Monk, his home is definitely all arts and crafts.

  10. Cerella

    Has anyone seen the movie Monster-In-Law? There is a GORGEOUS Craftsman Bungalow in that movie that I’ve been trying to find.

  11. Cerella

    Has anyone seen the movie Monster-In-Law? There is a GORGEOUS Craftsman Bungalow in that movie that I’ve been trying to find.

  12. Katie

    The tv show Joan of Arcadia was also in a great bungalow. You are not alone, I considered going to see Zathura just to see the house. I don’t have a house at all yet, but have always wanted a bungalow. Thanks for the great site, I am living my house fantasies vicariously through it.

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