• January 10, 2005

Calling All Kitchen Designers!

Desperately seeking a kitchen plan

Before and After, Kitchens

The problem is that this is our current kitchen…and this is what we want.


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  1. Jim Godish

    I feel your pain. We have lathe showing in our kitchen. I removed a soffit above the sink and noticed a crack. I went to break some away so I could fill it in, and before you know it the crack was 7ft. x 3ft. Evidently the tub above had a leak at some point. Of course, we’re not doing our kitchen yet. It’s the last thing on our long list. The kitchen you want looks great! I love the window above the sink.

  2. Allison

    FYI — I saw your face coat hooks last weekend at Murphy’s bar near Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL.

  3. Carlo Losurdo

    First off.. You two have done a fantasic job so far! You both deserve a lot of applause and credit.
    I probadly won’t tell you anything that you have not already heard or know. Most designing really comes down to what’s at hand and what really works. It’s somewhat intuitive.
    Now, the kitchen….First, do you really have the space for what you really want? If you do, then you are in luck.
    I would concentrate on the fixtures first ( stove, sink, dishwasher, refrig. etc)Those elements might already be predetermined for you.
    How do you really want to use the space? Cooking only? cooking+family space? Cooking+Family+entertaining? Each variable has it’s own set of circumstances that makes flow and operations in a kitchen work.What works best for you?
    After you determine fixture placement, I would look at storage issues (pantry) and small appliances. Will these be placed out in the open or do you have a closet or cabinet for them?
    After all you
    are going to need these things in a kitchen they should not be an after thought – they take up considerable room in cabinets.
    Work from the Macro to the micro and vice versa

  4. Jocelyn

    How exciting to be doing your kitchen! We are at the final stages of doing ours. We gutted it Easter last year and have been working ever since. It takes a loooong time when you are a part-time remodeler and you do it yourself, but boy do you appreciate it when it’s done. We looked at alot of the same magazines I see Heather looking at. We have a pantry so we did no upper cabinetry-just custom shelving(we made), which makes the room seem larger and more old world. Custom cabinets have a similar effect I think. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you do.

  5. Carol

    You have done a wonderful job on your house. It is apparent that you put alot of thought into your projects so I’m sure your kitchen will be great. My husband and I have redone our UGLY 70′s style kitchen in our 20′s tudor revival. We are very pleased with the outcome. We spent alot of time pouring over Jane Powell’s book, Bungalow Kitchens. She gives wonderful suggestions for all budgets.

  6. doodle

    this book is fantastic and might be right up your alley… even shows kitchens with the nook! hahaha! “bungalow kitchens” by jane powell… check it out on amazon… http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0879059508/qid=1105727089/sr=8-1/ref=pd_ka_1/103-9328822-7723010?v=glance&s=books&n=507846

  7. Carrie

    American Bungalow magazine has a reprint of a book called The Kitchen Plan Book. It has 50 plans submitted for a contest by architects in 1917. These are the top plans, complete with illus, drawings, etc. It is about $30 and I know that I am ordering one! Your house is awesome and an inspiration as we are restoring our own foursquare. Good luck and best wishes!

  8. Melissa


    In one of my many Google searches, I happened upon your very entertaining website. I can’t leave this page without inviting you to visit two sites: 1) The site and project I created called the 1909 House – A bungalow in Portland, Oregon that went under an extensive restoration/remodel last year utilizing green products and sustainable practices… it has in fact a 53 minute documentary we created to follow the progress that you might enjoy. AND 2) The website of the company that did the work. http://www.oldhomesnewlife.com. They have a lot of very nice virtual tours of kitchens that might be fun for you to peruse. Best wishes on your kitchen and the rest of your home! I am happy to see you document your work so thoroughly!

  9. Grant

    We just redid the kitchen in our 1928 cottage in Faircrest Heights and couldn’t be happier with the results. We chose not to do a totally vintage kitchen but rather a slightly modern interpretation. For example, rather than doing a tile or wood counter we did honed black granite. Our cabinet guy was great If you are looking. He works out of a studio in Ojai. He comes and takes measurements, builds custom cabinets in his shop and then trucks them on down to LA for the install. I highly recommend him. Let me know if you’d like his info.

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