• January 19, 2005

Back Porch Update

Restoring an enclosed back porch

Restoration Diary

Whatever happened with our back porch? Well, we’re still working on it.


The Douglas fir wood floors are installed.


There is a light in the bathroom (but no toilet yet).


The bathroom sconce from Restoration Hardware.


The back porch light. The shade was an eBay find. Who wouldn’t want a parrot light on their back porch?


The light in the area for the washer and dryer is 6.5″ off center. How does stuff like that happen? No, we’re not going to leave it like that.


This is one of the most frustrating things about the back porch remodel. The plumber and I didn’t see eye to eye on where the washer and dryer hook-up should be placed. After arguing with him that it should be on the back wall under the window, the plumber installed the hook-up where he thought it should go anyway. I wanted the water lines moved but the plumber convinved me that where he had placed the lines would still work.

Even though I knew things weren’t the way I wanted, in that moment, I felt worn down and to my regret, I said ok.

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  1. Eric

    The porch looks beautiful, but I can understand the frustrations.

    Any update on the exterior of the house?


  2. heather

    Hi Eric! We thought we were about 95% done with the exterior but we have ran into some problems with the new wood siding that was put on. I’ll post more about this issue soon…

  3. Willy

    Hi guys!

    What an annoying thing to have a plumber telling you where you want stuff! I often wonder with guys like that if they even look around and see that a house like yours or mine is 1) not your run of the mill 60′s blech apartment building and 2) is obviously NOT owned by an owner who doesn’t know any better or care about details.

    I usually get very quiet and stern and most importantly CLEAR with service providers like that. I reccomend to people that they make their decision and stick to it, and simply state it in no uncertain terms: “I want the plumbing hook up RIGHT HERE. If you are unwilling or unable to put the hookup right there where I’ve asked for it, would you be so kind as to reccomend a colleague that might be able to do so?”…and if the guy gives you some huge difference in price to do it YOUR way as opposed to HIS way and can’t give you a reason why that makes sense to you, politely ask him to leave.

    Remember, you’re paying for the job, so YOU set the specs for the job. :-)



  4. Willy

    OH yes, and on the off center light fixture thing…I’ve made that mistake many times before! I’ll bet the box is mounted on the wrong side of the ceiling joist. Noticing which way the beadboard runs, it stands to reason the joists run perpindicular, and DOH! the box should have gone on the other side.

    Reccomendation to others – carry your measuring tape and a big fat magic marker with you at all times, and mark centerlines and quarter lines on joists, studs, sheeting, wherever you can think of EARLY in your project. When you’re working in a room stripped down to studs, you can often lose track of “centerline” and “quarterlines” and such because you’re being inundated with visual information that may NOT be centered or evenly spaced around your workspace! It’s funny how after days and days in the shell of a room you can mentally and visually latch on to *that* stud as the stud you just *know* in in the middle!



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