• December 19, 2004

House Get Ready…

The Real Restoration Realities

Restoration Diary

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  1. merideth

    I KNEW iT! I knew it would only be a matter of time before we saw someone we know on one of these shows!!

    havent seen this particular show (i tend to be disappointed in DIY channel shows) but i’m sure going to go hunt it down for tivo-ing now.

    I REALLY hope we get to see your version of the show.


  2. Lauren

    Last week, I was sitting in an executive meeting absent mindedly scraping the peelaway/varnish gunk off my nails when I realized the VP of Sales was staring at me with horrified facination, “What is that?!” said she of the perfectly manicured nails. “Oh, I’ve been stripping the woodwork during the evenings.” I might as well have said I’d been stripping during the evenings by the shocked look on her face. I put my hands under the table (still picking at them though, it’s so hard to get it all off when you’re doing it every day….”

    I bought a sample of Shelburne Buff. Hopefully it will look good in our dining room too!

  3. Lisa

    Finally, a reality show I would watch! I haven’t seen the show, but I’m sure your version is much better. I especially like the survivors spin-off.

  4. Jill

    Please be sure to post when it’s going to be broadcast. I’d love to see it. I like DIY network a lot.

  5. John

    That’s so cool! We’re going to Tivo that one!

  6. Sue

    I laughed out loud at #3. My locksmith (notice the use of the familiar pocessive)is on speed dial on my cell phone. Why the cell phone? Because it makes it handy to call him from the car or front door step (depending on weather) when my front door won’t open. I can empathise :-)

  7. Kurt

    Your website is a lot of fun. I just can’t believe the condition you said yes to this house in. It makes mine look like a palace when we bought it. Wish I could see the DIY network too. I also wish I had your skills to create something like this to record everything I’ve done. Way to inspire the rest of us bungalow lovers out there!

  8. Lisa

    Oh my goodness! You crack me up.

    And if I’m laughing to slightly hysterical too-close-to-home laughter, who cares, right? Right?

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