• December 6, 2004

Our Back Porch Rebuild

Bead board porch ceiling

Restoration Diary

Juan, the carpenter, found a very good deal on Douglas fir planks. He was able to cut a line into the planks so that they look exactly like the original beadboard used for the ceiling. The original beadboard ceiling was badly damaged when the roof leaked. The ceiling has been stained to match the rest of the woodwork in the house.


This photo was taken looking towards the half bath. The trim around the windows and baseboard along the floor still needs to be added. All the woodwork will need to be stained. The yellow walls are painted Old Parchment by Benjamin Moore Paints. The color is a little lighter than the Shelburne Buff that the dining room is painted. You can see the back porch through one of the windows in the dining room.


The bathroom is painted Ferndale Green by Benjamin Moore Paints.


This will be our laundry area.


We still need to install the floor.


Our temporary door between the kitchen and back porch. Nice, huh?


The door frame between the kitchen and back porch was 2.5 inches off due to the way the house settled.

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  1. Leah

    Woohoo – you have a bathroom door! Did you buy that door new or was it salvaged from somewhere? That aint no Home Depot door ;) I love the warm paint colors you chose. Bengamin Moore has a great historical pallette I’m itching to try out on our many new walls. Thanks for the updates!


  2. heather

    Hi! Yes, the bathroom door IS quite an improvement. :)

    It came from a salvage yard. For anyone in LA, the salvage yard is in downtown LA:

    Santa Fe Wrecking Co
    1600 S Santa fe Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90021
    213. 623.3119

    It is a great place to check out!

  3. Jess

    I dig the holiday themed “temporary door”… Very festive!

  4. RPF

    HGF, looks great. Are going to tile the floor? Good placement of the W and D. Does the salvage yard have any old go karts? Be sure to look for me. Love RPF

  5. heather

    Hi Dad!

    We were going to put down linoleum tiles in a checkerboard pattern but Juan found Douglas fir floor planks for around $125 for the whole back porch. So, we are doing a wood floor.

    Just house stuff at the salvage yard. :)


  6. Sacto Diane

    Is the beadboard on the ceiling new or did you strip the old paint? I have bead board in my back porch like yours and I’m not looking forward to yet more paint striping…


  7. heather

    Hi! The beadboard on the ceiling is all new but it matches what was there originally.

    Our original ceiling was in poor condition so I don’t feel bad that we replaced it and honestly, it was SO much quicker/easier to replace the beadboard than to strip the paint!

  8. Dirk

    I just recently found your site and just love it. I purchased a 1929 craftsman bungalow and am only starting the process to make it what it ought to be. I started a blog to show the progress at http://www.bungalowdiy.com. DIY for doing most of the work myself to save some cash.

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