• November 11, 2004

Primed and Ready

I can’t wait to see our bungalow painted

Paint, Restoration Diary

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  1. sean

    The transformation is stunning. I love the multi-width siding with the shade of green you selected. You must be thrilled to see it all come together.

  2. heather

    Oh, yes. We are really excited. I’m a little behind on posting these photos. Wait until you see it with the trim and accent colors.

  3. josie

    Yea!!! paint!!!

  4. Melissa


    Wow!! You guys are awesome. What a beautiful house it will be when finished!!

    We have a 1926 bungalow that doesn’t need nearly the work yours does. Our biggest job is the cracked paint on the exterior.

    Anyway, kudos to you guys for all the progress you’re making. I feel like such a slacker. I’ll have to keep visiting your site to keep motivated.

    One question…how do you keep focused? We try to keep focused on one or two things at a time, but with so many things to do we constantly jump from project to project….and never accomplish anything. Any advice??

    p.s. How do you find the time to get this work done? Do you both work?

  5. heather


    HI! Thanks for your comments. To answer your questions, I think David and I are so motivated because of the condition of our house. If the house hadn’t been in such a sorry state, it would have been much easier to put off projects. It is hard to ignore the holes in the walls, peeling paint, crumbling plaster and a multitude of other problems. It is a strong motivator and you have never met 2 more potential couch potatoes than us!

    We both have a strong inclination to plop down on the sofa and watch TV. As it is, all work halts for “America’s Next Top Model.” I’m completely sucked into mindless entertainment.

    I feel like a fraud. My early “work” on the house consisted of tearing into walls and floors, pulling up linoleum and knocking out the ugly cabinets. David got so fed up that he literally hid the sledge hammer.

    That is a big joke in my family. Every time I speak to my 87 year old grandfather he brings it up, “Someone needs to take away that sledge hammer.”

    This tendency to “gut” without focus, direction or a plan is the reason we have been without an upstairs bathroom for over 2 years. I complain about the bathroom often but it is really my fault. In retrospect, it might not have been so bad to live with that 1970′s bathroom.

    Being very methodical, David insisted that we work on one room at a time and he was right. Once we settled in and worked on one room, I was able to plan exactly what needed to be done for that room as we went along. Seeing how nice the first room turned out kept us motivated.

    After the first project turned out to be much more difficult and time consuming than we could have ever imagined, we decided to hire some help. That was one of the best decisions we have made. We found a wonderful craftsman who plasters walls, restores woodwork and does carpentry. We have learned a lot and the house has turned out nicer with the added ideas and input from a skilled craftsperson.

    David and I both work full time. I work from home. My job is very demanding but I am here to oversee any work that we have done on the house. It gets hectic at times juggling my job, the contractors, work on the house and what little life I have outside of my job and the house.

    The one thing that keeps me going is a strong vision of what I want our house to be some day.

    We also take breaks. I’ll go weeks at a time without doing anything on the house and catching up on lots of mindless television. But, after our break, we’ll both decide to get back to it. Those big holes in the walls are really hard to ignore… :)

  6. sis

    Awesome choice on the green. Totally agree, the red has to go. An ‘real’ red/deeper red would look better, not the red out of a bottle, looking color. =) so proud

  7. chris

    I must be color blind. I can’t see any green in the picture. It looks great anyways.

  8. Cindy

    I love the color you chose for the exterior. What color did you use for the base, and what shade of white did you choose? We are ready to select colors for the exterior of our craftsman house in San Diego. So far I have chosen Sherwin williams Bunglehouse grey, but it is not dark enough.

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