• November 12, 2004

Exterior Paint Job Almost Done

Our bungalow gets painted

Exteriors, Paint, Restoration Diary


The body of the house is completely painted. The painters have started
on the trim and the red accent color on the windows.


The front of our house looks so different. It is amazing how paint can
transform a house.


We added lattice over the top of the open beams on the front porch.
I am going to grow vines over the top.


Side of the house.


Back. We still have a pile of trash that needs to be removed. We are
waiting to finish up the painting before putting in a lawn or landscaping.

Body color: Amazon NA60 (Ralph Lauren Naturals palette)
Trim color: Hampton Court NA54 (Ralph Lauren Naturals palette)
Accent color on windows: La Mesa Red (Benjamin Moore)

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  1. josie

    Wow! It looks great! It looks like one whole house now.

  2. erin

    Your house is absolutely beautiful! Wonderful color choices.

  3. leah

    Even though I know you two went through a lot of different choices and stress in choosing this house color, I think your end choice is just perfect. Congratulations on a job well done! I just love the red windows and off-white trim against the main house color. What wonderful options you can have when your house and windows are solid wood! You must be loving it =) Now the outside of your house finally looks like it belongs with your beautiful rooms inside. Keep up the good work!

  4. Kasmira


  5. merideth

    it looks GORGEOUS!!! y’all must be so happy! The color coat on our new stucco goes on this weekend and i’m so excited that i want to do a little dance…it is amazing what a coat of color can do!

    I say again: Beautiful!

  6. bungalowdoglover

    WOW!! It’s fabulous! I must say, your before pictures looked rather hopeless. I can’t believe what you’ve accomplished–you should be so proud. I love it!!

  7. RPF

    HGF, looks great, love the blue paint. Your mother and I painted our first Army green the is a better color. Still would of bulldozed it it
    if it was on a farm I bought. Love RPF

  8. heather

    It’s not blue. It’s GREEN.

    Green with NO hint of blue, not even a blue green or a teal green or any other combination of blue/green. It is definately a dark, dark green. Like a Christmas tree green.

    GREEN. :)

  9. Cindy

    I love the color you chose for the exterior, but on my monitor it does look blue-green. What color did you use for the base, and what shade of white did you choose? We are ready to select colors for the exterior of our craftsman house in San Diego. So far I have chosen Sherwin williams Bunglehouse grey, but it is not dark enough. I mixed it half and half with rookwood green and it is way too dark. I have an area on the side of my house that has about 4 different colors of green, two of off-white, and 2 of dark brown. So I am in the same predicament you guys were in for the past few months. (Love your web-site, and the work you have done on your beautiful house. I just found your website while I was browsing and looking for kitchen renovation ideas on my 1910 craftsman. What a great midnight find! Cindy

  10. heather

    Hi, Cindy!

    After trying historical palette colors by Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Farrow & Ball and many more I found the colors at Home Depot!

    Ralph Lauren paint has an amazing Naturals palette that has beautiful greens, gray greens, and brown green colors. I had the Ralph Lauren colors mixed into Benjamin Moore paint.

    Body color: Amazon NA60 (Ralph Lauren Naturals palette)

    Trim color: Hampton Court NA54 (Ralph Lauren Naturals palette)

    Accent color on windows: La Mesa Red (Benjamin Moore)

    Best of luck selecting a house color! I had such a hard time with it…

  11. Joelle Mercado-Lau

    Heather & David,
    You have to email me!!!
    Found your interesting website from Google as I was perusing old house restoration subjects. David L. & I have been restoring a 1905 Victorian in Maplewood NJ (Near Manhattan) ourselves for the last 2 years! Again, we have MORE in common as usual!!! :)
    How are you???? Would be nice to talk to you again & share stories of our house projects!

  12. G

    Hi…the house looks fantastic. I would never believe it was even the same house as in the before pictures.

    P.S. It looks kinda blue on my computer screen too.

  13. Allison

    Fantastic site. May I ask through whom you acquired your web space? We are under contract for a 1928 condo in Chicago and I’d like to maintain a similar site for our friends and family as we renovate, room by room.

    You’ve inspired a spin off!

  14. Emily

    Random question. What was the color of the bedroom wall where the new casement window was put in? It’s bee-yoo-tee-ful.

    P.S. I keep meaning to respond to you about that other thing, but I’m in the middle of buying a charming 1911 bungalow myself, so life has taken a turn for crazy. Someday, I’m sure it will return to normal. Someday…

  15. heather


    The bedroom wall color is called Champagne (DEC 723). The company that makes it is Dunn-Edwards Paints. You can see the color swatch online by typing in this url:


  16. Willy

    Hello fellow home-rescuers!

    Your exterior repairs and color are spectacular! I have a similar rafter-tail problem as you went thru (1905 little bungalow up in Los Feliz), and I have to ask what product was used to build them back out and was that a DIY project, or jobbed out?


  17. doverton

    I just wanted to say Great Job. I purchased a 1927 California Bungalow 5 months ago without knowing what one was. I figured I bought a fixer upper until I started to do some investigating. I started digging into the Art and Crafts movement and was really impressed with its history. Your site and a few others have inspired me to renovate. Like you I am also in the hood and plan to make a difference there. I hope by renovating my place it might inspire others in the area to do the same. I wanted to thank you for all the information and resources you have provided on your site. Please keep us updated on your progress and once again your house is the bomb.

  18. jec

    Heather and David,

    Congratulations, you two have an incredible amount of vision and creativity.

  19. heather


  20. alex

    It would be great if you could list all your contractors for us fellow home rescuers. I live nearby and finding a good contractor is just so darn difficult. How did you find yours?

  21. heather

    Hi Alex! It is difficult to find good people. We were lucky that we met someone in our neighborhood who had some work done on their house that we really liked and were able to get a referal.

    The only person that we have used is Juan from J & C, 626.793.7091. If you contact him tell him that Dave and Heather referred you. And, that he needs to come back and finish the carpentry on our back porch. :)

  22. Fearless

    Help! How did you make a final decision on color??? We previously had a house fire and they are in the process of rebuilding. We have to choose exterior paint and interior colors for every room in the house. Where do I start?

    Your home is gorgeous!

  23. Debbie

    Hi, I really love the colors you picked for your home. So much so that I would like to do a similar color scheme to my wee humble bungalow. After all, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Would you be kind and share what paint mfg. and colors you chose. I am trying to eyeball similar shades at Home Depot but any info would help. Thanks
    Warm regards Deb

  24. Debbie

    Hi..Read your other comments and found my answer. Thanks so much for sharing. Deb