• October 19, 2004

How Did I Get Here?

What it is really like to restore a house

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  1. Kati

    Thank goodness we’re not the only ones with that experience! I just sent it to my husband and we’re LOVING that there are others out there doing the same stuff!!! Keep up the good work (although in truth, I guess we don’t know what kind of job you’re really doing either) ;)

  2. heather

    HI! I was hoping that someone out there would relate to this experience. I read a lot of house restoration blogs and noone really talks about those times when tensions run high or when you are working on the house late at night and it is the last thing you want to be doing. :)

  3. Robin Dickinson

    I know this post is about a million years old in home-restoration years but I laughed so hard I cried. I’m so glad its not just us! Our friends and family think we’re nuts. I think we’re nuts. Next time I’m showering with a hose on the back stoop or assisting my husband with a project with my toddler tied on my back, I’ll think of you! I’m also relieved to see you’re still working on it in 2011. We started in 2004 and the work continues.

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