• September 27, 2004

David, Myself, 3 Guys and Two 60 lb. Jack Hammers

Restoration Diary,

David (in white tank top) working up a sweat.

Ok, ok. Let me show you how it’s done.

Doing my “main” job…putting the broken up concrete into a pile.

And what a pile it is…we are now back to being the scourge of the neighborhood!

Good-bye cement lawn. I won’t miss you at all.

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  1. Your Mother

    I do NOT see safety glasses, hardhats or protective earwear and gloves would not be a bad idea either.

  2. heather

    But aren’t you impressed with the way I was working the jack hammer?! :)

    I assure you that I was wearing earplugs the whole time. I also wore gloves most of the time when I picked up the cement. Now David, Mr. Safety, is a whole different story.

    I think he got so excited by operating the manly power tool that he completely forgot himself. That, or else my careless ways must be rubbing off on him. Of course, he is having an effect on me. Did you notice I was even wearing shoes.

  3. Nathan

    OK, I know it’s wrong, but the whole jackhammer thing is kind of sexy.

    That issue entirely aside, I look at the final pic there and know how incredibly satisfying this project must have been! Any ideas on what you’re going to plant now?

    PS for Your Mother: hardhats would be completely unnecessary on this job as all the work is underfoot and outside, and… um… they’re both wearing sunglasses. Those are… eh… impact resistant shades… yeah! That’s it!

  4. MOM

    :) Yes David must be having an impact…you ARE actually wearing shoes.

  5. Carol

    Wow! That’s alot of work- you are making the rest of us look lazy over here. Its looking great.
    Looking at your pictures, I was wondering about your eaves. On the undersides of our eaves there is bead plywood or just beaded boards that are facing out and the actual (original) roof sheathing above that and then the usual roof layers. The beaded wood you can see underneath was not replaced when our roof was redone, and it is in bad shape and loose in places. If yours is like that, does it bug you and if so would you cover it up with new wood or reroof? I think you can only dismantle these layers from above. Tightening the loose boards would be doable but my paint would need extensive prep to repaint.
    Thanks for your advice and inspiration.

  6. jm

    Heather — I am cracking up.

    1) I am extremely impressed with your jackhammer prowess.

    2) I think we have the same Mom and she is keeping tabs with both of us on our websites.

    The 21st Century of blogging spawns a whole new benefit for parents everywhere…keeping tabs on kids. :)

  7. RPF

    HGF, you will need to put some kind of a step or approach in front of the garage side door. It will seal the door up and keep out surface water, ha pour cement! Why didnt you come and get a Bobcat?

  8. heather

    Dad! Are you kidding me?! Absolutely NO cement. I think we are going to put down stone back there. Still haven’t decided. So when are you coming out?


  9. Jean

    Very impressive! You sure aren’t the same kid who went to Florida with us. Wish we were closer.


  10. Josie

    That will work those arm muscles!!! Wooo!
    Taking it to the limit!!!!

  11. Derek

    I simply cannot believe that is the same exterior. I love the color and those sashes! Great job. Now I gotta get off this computer and finish resqauring a doorcasing for my swinging door. You people motivate lazy bastards like me. I pray my wife does not see this site. I’ll be put to work hardcore.

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