• September 9, 2004

Back Porch Rebuild 9.09.04

Work on our bungalow restoration

Exteriors, Restoration Diary

Progress! Today the carpenter put in two of the old windows that I purchased off of eBay earlier in the summer. They were originally double hung but the carpenter converted them into casement windows.

The windows and door let in a lot of light.

Detail of the windows. They were salvaged from a home built in 1916. The green splotch in the right window is actually a paint color we are trying and not part of the window.

I ran out of room on the front of the house so we are now trying out paint colors on the garage. I know, it is a problem. Does anyone know of a 12 Step program for paint color obsession? I am really down to the wire and going to have to make the final, forever decision, or at least the next 5 – 10 years decision, on the paint color next week. Can I get an Amen?

David won’t even discuss paint color any more so the final, forever decision is up to me. I’m trying to decide between an olive body with brown trim or a muted deep green color with cream trim similiar to the colors our house was painted in 1912.

Our neighbor down the street from us painted her house a dark green color with gold trim. The green was close to a color I was considering at the time. I asked her how she decided on her house’s color scheme and she confessed that she loved her car so much that she painted her house to match it. Sure enough, I saw her driving a dark green mustang convertible with a tan top and gold rims a few days later. She suggested we paint our house to match our car. Hhhhmmmmm, our car is an 11 year old white Ford Taurus. It gets us from point A to point B but it’s nothing to paint our house about…

They also started to put up siding today. Of course, Lulu wanted to be in the picture!

Simon looking very brown and a lot like Lulu, but not about to be left out. “What about me? I’m cute. Take my picture. Take my picture.”

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  1. merideth

    Well I’ll weigh in. Whatever paint scheme you end up with will be gorgeous i’m sure, but I find that I really love houses with 2 trim colors: a very light color on the window sashes and window borders and then another, of whatever value you like but i dig strong contrast here, on the trim. The light color around the windows really makes them pop and gives them depth. But that’s just my take on it. cheers!

  2. merideth

    P.S. The windows look FANTASTIC! Those were a great find!

  3. debra

    I’ve been where you are during so many paint color decisions. What I’ve learned in my wisdom and hindsight is that the first or second color I picked was the best. And you never really know what you are going to get until the entire house is done. It always looks different in whole than in part. “Over analysis leads to paralysis.”

  4. Anna

    When we painted our house we tried different colors schemes on the computer. If you have Photoshop or a similar program (and some patience) you can try whatever colors you want.

    *Take a photo of your house
    *Make it grayscale
    *Increase the brightness so that it is a very light gray
    *Outline the features of the house that are to be one color
    *In a separate layer, fill that selection with your color choice
    *Change the layer property from ‘normal’ to ‘multiply’
    *Repeat for all the colors

    The outlining takes the longest by far, but once you have it done you can try as many colors as you like. If you would like a sample file I would be hapy to send it.

  5. Ms Erickson

    The school that I work at is having a block of houses auctioned this weekend – some of them are bungalows. Do you know any good places I can post this to get the word out to people who like bungalows?


  6. heather

    Ms. Erickson,

    I would place a posting on American Bungalow magazine’s online forum. http://www.ambungalow.com

    There is a whole group of bungalow lovers over there!

  7. Maria Nicodemus

    Hi. Heather,
    I have been trying to e-mail to you but I couldn’t find your current e-mail address. I moved back to Los Angeles last November. I am living in Santa Clarita. I am so glad to find this website. I am so proud of you making your house so nice. I actually may have some stuff you can use in your house. Do you need some pully light? Towel bars? We have no energy to work on any house anymore. We bought a house just 2 years old. I like to talk you sometimes. What is your number and e-amil address?

  8. lisa

    Some neighbors down the street went the “test patch on the front of the house” route. We’d walk by everyday saying, “Oh, that’s a good color” or “I hope they pick That one.” They ended up going with babypoo brownish yellow. I really think that since they put the test patches where everyone could see them they should have put up a clipboard for comments, suggestions, and votes. haha!!

  9. heather

    Oh, I hope our neighbors don’t feel like that after looking at all our test splotches for all these months! :)

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