• September 2, 2004

Back Porch Rebuild 9.02.04

Exteriors, Restoration Diary

The plywood floor has been put in. We took out the original flooring because the floor was up to 5″ off level in places and the supports under the floor were rotten in areas and needed to be replaced.

Our new back door has been put in.

The piece of plywood propped up against the wall is serving as a temporary bathroom door.

The best thing about the new door is that it has been moved to line up with the kitchen door.

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  1. bungalowdoglover

    Ooohhhh, nice door (the new one I mean, not the plywood)! Did you order it?

    Simon sure has grown-looks like he’s almost as big as his sister.

  2. Teresa

    I want your dogs! They are cuter that cute. Not to worry – I’m in Virginia, so there will be no drive-by dognapping. :-)

  3. merideth

    Wow! your door looks fantastic! We’re on the hunt to replace the big ugly slab that is our front door. We make regular visits to the salvage yard in hopes of finding something vintage, but are starting to come to terms with teh fact that we’re not going to find anything that fits inordinately wide door space. Ah well. Yours is certainly lovely!

  4. Jocelyn

    Nice door- let’s in lots of light! I haven’t posted before. I have a daschund and a cairn terrier and they always seem to get in my house pictures too- yours are so cute! I love your site and what you’re doing there.

  5. heather

    Hi! Thanks for all the comments. Every time I pull out the camera the dogs sit down in front of whatever I might be photographing. I swear, Lulu even gets a smile on her face! I think maybe she has missed her calling and we should try to get her a pet agent?

    We had the door and jamb made to order out of Douglas fir. We purchased it from Terry Lumber in Hollywood and I thought the price was pretty good. I think Douglas fir is a little cheaper (maybe the only thing) on the West Coast.

  6. RPF

    Hi, just checking out the progress. More fun than I can stand.

  7. heather

    Dad, you could always fly out here and join the fun…! There is a hammer here with your name on it. :)

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