• August 16, 2004

Exterior (Months Later) Only Week 2

Exteriors, Restoration Diary

After much delay, work on the exterior is moving forward. Finally. Huge sigh of relief. The contractor and his team started last week.

We have determined that this part of the back porch (see picture below) was added on.


It must have had a flat roof when it was built because we found asbestos shingles covering the back wall. The roof was extended over the the addition sometime in the not too distant past . If we didn’t need the space for our washer and dryer I’d be tempted to tear down the addition.


The team made a lot of progress with sanding and patching the wood siding. There is still alot more to do though…


The points on the rafter tails have been added back. They were sawed off sometime after we placed an offer on the house and before we closed escrow. A home improvement project gone bad – we aren’t sure why…


We were feeling rather brave so we took the bars off the large window on the porch. Although, I have to admit that I have gotten used to the bars in a way and they gave me a sense of securiy. It is hard not to feel a little vulnerable with them gone. On the other hand, it is so nice to look out the window and not feel like I am a prisoner in my own home.


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  1. Jim

    Great house! I just started taking the siding off of my foursquare. Could you tell me how they are dealing with the lead paint issue. I noticed that you mentioned sanding. Are they using a Hepa vac or something else.


  2. heather

    Hi! Their sander has a HEPA filter that attaches directly to the sander – I hadn’t seen one like it before.

    Have you heard of a product called Peel Away made by Dumond Chemicals? It is an environmentally safe product used to remove lead paint. It is also an expensive product, although the people who I know who have used it rave about it.

  3. RPF

    Hi, just a note. When are you going to finish the demolition? Please save the cherry stairway. Hope you guys are well. I will call soon. RPF

  4. Jim

    I have Peel Away at my house. For some reason my mother had it at her house when she moved. I think I’ll give it a shot when I remove more of the siding. I’m going to look on E-bay for one of those Hepa Sanding Vacs too. God, it would be so much easier without that lead issue! Unfortunately, they hacked off part of the sill to put the siding on, so I have to rebuild everything as i take it off. At least I don’t have too much rot so far! Once these old houses are painted, it really pays off in the end. I love those cedar shakes!

  5. Emily

    Heather — Quick question totally unrelated to this post. I was poking around your site earlier today (as I have been since we started remodeling a 1920′s Craftsman bungalow last month — seeing how much money you’ve spent makes me feel much better about how little we’re actually spending…sorry). Anyhow, I noticed in one picture you mentioned that you regrouted your fireplace. We need to do that as well, but I’m not sure where to begin. Any tips?

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