• August 26, 2004

Back Porch Rebuild 8.26.04

Restoration Diary

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  1. Sean

    Your porch is going to look great! The last line really struck a chord with me – There are several ‘original’ construction details on our 1923 bungalow that were just downright stupid – particularly the front porch floor design. They made the porch floor level with the inside of the house – which means that water flowed right into the living room whenever the porch got wet. They also set the floor joists next to the porch directly in the concrete concrete holds moisture and so consequently the joists rotted. Because of this little gem of a design, I have to redo the porch floor/ and repair the floor joists. Of course, other houses of the same vintage in my neighborhood weren’t built like that…

  2. heather


    I hear ya! We have found some things that make absolutely no sense, too. David and I were talking about your post and one of us wondered how many houses built today would be left standing if they had virtually no maintenance for over 90 years? So, maybe with all the flaws or “quirks” our house is pretty solid after all? It is still standing. :)


  3. Carol

    Incredible! That china buffet framing is a hoot! The cut beams look like they may be redundant anyway, but its still cool archaeology.

    like yours, my old house is solid, but not an ode to craftsmanship like many old houses that are still standing. We have crookedness just about everywhere. I think as long as the framing stays dry, it takes ALOT to bring down one of these old houses. Most of these junky suburban houses they build now won’t last 50 years! Many do not even use plywood (or OSB) sheathing on the verticals sides, just the styro panels and then brick or siding. Not to mention all the lathe, which may have some structural properties of its own.

    Feel free to vent about your neighbors from hell- you made me thankful for something today- parking!


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