• July 23, 2004

Antique Stained Glass Windows

Restoration Diary,

Have I said before how much I love eBay? I have had good luck finding antique light fixtures and hardware for the house. My latest eBay find is 6 stained glass windows that I intend to use on the back porch when we rebuild it.


Right now the porch functions as a utility area but it was originally open to the backyard and probably served as a covered outdoor sitting area. I’d like to use the space as a small sitting area off the kitchen, a quiet place to drink a cup of hot tea.

Something as grand as stained glass would not have been used on a back porch but they are from the period, will block an ugly view of our humongous garage, were cheaper than buying new wood windows or having them made and hey, they are pretty and I really like them.


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  1. Cari daly

    Do you know of anyone who does stained glass repair? The house I’m buying has some original stained glass on cabinets, but some chunks are missing.

    • Christopher Manos

      Beautiful find!

      Cari, I do some stained glass repairs. I’m not sure where you are in the country but there may be someone near you. Look around where you live to see if there are any stained glass supply stores. Many people who own supply stores can do the repairs for you.

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