• May 12, 2004

Where Have We Gone?

Hello! Are you still there?

Restoration Diary,

Lulu and Simon because I know you miss seeing them.

We have received several emails from folks wondering why we haven’t posted in a while? What is going on with the house? Have we decided on a paint color yet? Are we ok? Did we take the bars off our windows and something happened to us? Just what is going on with us anyway?

Well, we haven’t posted in a while because both David and I have been busy with our work outside of the house (our real jobs) for the past few weeks. But, we are still making some progress on the house. We are upgrading the wiring in the house from the original knob and tube wiring so that we can install an air conditioner in our attic. We had a few record breaking hot days last week that made me realize what I was in for once we hit July. We will also be able to insulate our attic after the wiring upgrade is completed. Our house currently has no insulation.

I hate to admit this but no, I haven’t decided on a house color yet. I have grown tired of my favorite color. I guess I have looked at it for too long. Many homes in our area are painted a similar color to the one I had selected, so now we are looking into woodsy green/olive/brown colors. We have it narrowed down to about 3 solid contenders.

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  1. Cheryll

    Heather…What’s happening? I am missing you guys! Has the house finally driven you over the edge? You took the bars off the windows and was kidnapped? The cats ate your MOUSE? We are accomplishing nothing right now on our bungalow…if that will make you feel any better! Hope to see a posting soon and that all is well! Hooked on you guys! Cheryll

  2. kristina

    Hi I love your site. What a good idea. I’m working on a page for our craftsman bungalow too. We have so many projects going at once. My husband has been traveling for work this month so they are on hold. Well I try to do as much as I can by my self. I get to paint the shingles on the new arbor. We built them with a box that matches the porch supports. I’m going to try out the house paint color on those. We are doing a beige with white and cranberry on the trim.

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