• May 29, 2004

Look Ma, No Bars

No longer living behind burglar bars

Restoration Diary,

We removed the security bars from the windows on the front of the house. The first night without the bars I was uneasy and had trouble sleeping. Although we have a good alarm system, I was worried that every little bump in the night was someone breaking in. Now I’m sleeping like a baby.

And, see how much nicer the house looks…


Work on the house is moving along. Lots of sanding and patching at this stage.
Check it out.

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  1. bungalowdoglover

    If anyone can take on the challenge of your exterior renovation, it’s you two. It’s looking so much better already! Removing the bars makes a huge difference, IMO. Won’t Simon and Lulu scare away intruders? Or would they greet them with wagging tails? The picture of them sleeping is soooo absolutely adorable. Give them a pat for me, please.

  2. angelyn

    Hi Heather and Dave,
    It’s Angelyn, Happy’s friend. I couldn’t figure out how to just email you, so I thought I would just post this note. I’ve been looking at your site for a while now in great awe. We just moved into a 1920s bungalow in Eagle Rock and absolutely love it! Luckily, the previous owners lovingly took care of their house, and we don’t have much to do to it. I just wanted to say hi and commend you on all the progress you have made so far! Also, I wanted to let you know about a Yahoo group that you might be interested in. I just found it online on the TERA (the Eagle Rock Association) website. Here’s the link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lahousenet/
    Take care,

  3. Ivee

    Oh, sooo much nicer….I’m excited to see what it looks like afterwards.

    Best of luck on this phase of the project..I’m holding my breath for you. :)


  4. Reggie

    What method did you use to strip all the paint from your woodwork? I am about to start stipping the woodwork in my house and I was wondering which method was best.



  5. Anne in Portland Or

    Hi -

    Just found your site from Bill @ Enon Hall. I own a 1912 home in Portland Oregon. After seeing the exterior of your home, my task doesn’t look so bad. We have some strange outside siding and weird addition stuff to tackle also. What I have seen so far from your site you have done a wonderful job with your restoration. Keep up the good work.


  6. sean

    Congratulations on reclaiming your facade – Removing the bars is a really big step – We are restoring our 1923 Beach Bungalow In Long Beach, and went back and forth for quite awhile about the bars. We decided to go for it and have been taking them off as each window gets restored. Since we began, the neighbor behind us, across the street, and on both sides of us have removed theirs as well.
    The next major exterior project for us is stucco removal – I think it is in fairly good shape – I have gotten to see the back side of it during the interior repairs (the original plaster was not salvageable). I am think of doing one wall at a time, to remove the stucco, scrape patch and repaint the siding.
    Keep up the great work – your progress provides inspiration for us!

  7. merideth

    Wow! Just stumbled on your blog. What a great resource. We are in the process of restoring a pueblo style bungalow from 1922 here in Oakland. I have a couple of questions if you wouldnt mind…1. how did you get the bars off your windows? Ours seem to be attached with some wierd screw/fasteners and we cant figure out how to remove them. 2. What material did you use to repair/seal the corners of your house (the siding) and the rafter tails? The back corners of our house look like your before photos. Thanks so much for the great journal! I’ll definitely check back now that i’ve found you.

  8. heather

    Thanks to everyone for all the great messages and encouragement! It helps keep us motivated.

    Merideth, we are using Exterior Spakling Paste (and sanding after the paste dries) to repair and seal the corners. Someone else recommended using Bondo, typically used on cars, for this as well. Best of luck with your house.

    Thanks again,

  9. Debbie

    I’m in just in awe of all the hard work you two have done! You are doing such a great job and the natural woodwork in your home is just stunning. I’m a single mom trying to renovate a 1912 Mission Style 4 Square in Minnesota and while it’s slow going doing it alone, it’s also very rewarding. Your two pups are the cutest, I have 3 pups myself. Best of luck to you, I’ll be checking back for more progress!

    Deb in Minnesota

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