• May 18, 2004

House Color Commitment Issues

Having a hard time deciding what color to paint our bungalow

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  1. Peabody

    Heather I like the one on the left. I know exactly how you are about decisions… I’m the same way. I had been talking about digging up the strip of weeds and straggling Bermuda grass between my driveway and sidewalk and sodding with St. Augustine (the rest of my yard is St. Augustine). I dug up the weeds and Bermuda… and then my boyfriend stepped in and offered to help lay the sod. Right as we were finishing laying the sod I decided that the purple fountain grass and fringe flower I saw at the nursery would really look striking planted on both sides of the driveway.

    My boyfriends just never understand why I’m content to have a patch of color painted on a wall for months. They confuse it with procrastination… I’m just a slow decision maker. It never fails, if I rush a decision, I regret it.

  2. Cheryll

    The color on the right looks too much like Army Green. I like the one on the left better. But that is only my opinion. Just be careful and don’t go too dark or house will look gloomy. Good luck. Cheryll

  3. Audrey

    I am having the same problem! I want to know the 8 colors you had on your house, in the first photo because they all look similar to ones I am debating over!

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