• May 19, 2004

Bang Up Job Installing the Electrical

Restoration Diary

All the old wiring in the attic has been removed. We discovered that new wiring had been spliced into the original knob and tube wiring which is a building code violation and fire hazard. The back porch and the kitchen are the only rooms left to be updated.

We have some plaster repair work to do. One step forward two steps back.


Oh yes, it was a bang up job. We have the holes in our walls to prove it!


Installing two 3-way light switches proved to be more difficult than anticipated.


The 3-way switches are in and the new hallway light is hung.

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  1. bungalowdoglover

    Ooohhh pretty! Is it new or vintage?

  2. heather

    Oh, thanks! It is a reproduction from Rejuvenation.com. The style is called Pearl.

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