• April 12, 2004

The Cement Lawn

Help! My grass is cement.

Restoration Diary,

The lawn of our Los Angeles bungalow
The lawn of our Los Angeles bungalow

It is a Los Angeles epidemic. The cement lawn is a very popular thing to have, even considered a selling point.

I spoke with a neighbor the other day and told her we were planning on removing our cement lawn. She couldn’t understand why since the cement was put in a year before we purchased the house (lucky us) and it cuts down on lawn maintenance!

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  1. Kristen

    My friends and I sometimes watch House Hunters, which is mostly set in California, on HGTV and notice how many houses out there have cement lawns. We were wondering what that was all about! My lawn isn’t much to look at (three white pines make the soil really acidic), but I can’t imagine all that concrete. Look what you’ve done already with your Zen/cottage garden – your lawn will be great. P.S. Love the shots of little Simon. :)

  2. Beth

    I am faced with the same task of picking an exterior paint color for my 1920′s bungalow in Alabama. I have three shades of green painted on my house in 2′ by 2′ sections. I can not decide if I want a more brown green or gray green or a sage green. How did you pick your green color? If you are using Benjamin Moore paint would you share with me what your perfect green is?

  3. heather

    Hi Beth!

    My Favorite green color is from the Ralph Lauren line and is called Mount Villa Rica. What a great name! I had the color mixed into Benjamin Morre paint. The formula on the outside of the can is: B-25, C-18, E-8, KX or KY (hard to tell) – 30. I really like the color because it is green with a gray undertone. It is dark but not too dark.

    Another color that we are trying has been getting lots of compliments. It is called Sage from the Ben Moore line.

    I recently discovered the Farrow & Ball paint line. They have a color called Green Smoke that is similiar to Mount Villa Rica a.k.a. Favorite Green. They also have some great Sage and Olive colors. I almost ordered some sample pots but have decided to stick with the color we already selected. The web site: http://www.farrow-ball.com/main.php?terr=usca

  4. BETH

    Hi! Thanks for the fast reply. If you can look at Ben Moore samples I am leaning towards Hancock Gray. I would like your opinion on the color. I am worried it is too dark. All the bungalows on my street are all white with the exception of a few. Thanks so much for your help. By the way, your house is beautiful.

  5. heather

    Oh, I love that color. That was the first color I chose for the house. How funny! It is a beautiful warm color that fits in perfectly with an Arts and Crafts palette. Your house will surely stand out next to all the white houses but I that might be a good thing. Maybe it will inspire them to be a little more adventurous after they see how nice your house looks?

    We decided to go with a darker, truer green after we found some of our house’s original green stained siding. The original green was very dark and very bright. We are going more muted.

    I think you should go for it!

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