• April 21, 2004

Surprise in the Mail

Restoration Diary,

We received an Easter greeting from Mrs. O’Connor. She is the daughter of the Santos, the second family to own our house. We sent her a quick note thanking her and updating her on the work we are doing on the house. Today.s mail brought the sweetest letter from her. She is such a lovely woman. I’ll post some of the letter here:

Dear Heather,

I was glad to hear from you, I hope these few lines find you and your husband in very good health, in company of your two corgis.

We all here are fine. I wanted to tell you first of all about the Oil Rights you have on that land (my father way back 55 years ago used to receive $50 a month for oil rights). You can call me any time, I will tell you more about it. As soon as I get copies of the old photos I will send you some. You will have to visit me and my family one of these days and I will show you a lot of pictures of the house and of course us with it.

That house has a lot of good memories I will never forget, they were the best years of my life and I loved that house. My mother and father, two brothers and I had a lot of good times. Even though there was a war on, those times will never be forgotten.

It feels good to know that there was so much love and a happy family living in our house.

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  1. Dennis

    Howdy- was wondering if you recall the brand/color stain you used on you rinterior trim? It looks great and is roughly the color/darkness that I want to achieve with my own fir trim…Thanks much and all the best!

  2. heather

    Hi there!
    The dining room stain color is Watco Danish Oil Finish in dark walnut mixed with a little cherry. I would say the mixture is roughly 3 to 1.

    BTW, the Pottery Barn table you asked about a while back is from the Henry line.


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