• April 15, 2004

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Our garage needs an intervention!

Our garage needs an intervention!

I have read that a simple door upgrade can give your garage a whole new personality and that is what our garage really needs – a new personality (among other things)!

The following companies offer vintage inspired garage doors, although costly (think investment). But, how can you place a price on a whole new personality? Just kidding…

Image from Amarr Garage Doors

Amarr Garage Doors (Carriage House Doors)

General American Garage Door Co. (Presidential Series)

Overhead Door Corp. (Ranch House Collection)

Raynor (American Rivers Collection)

Wayne-Dalton Corp. (Wood Doors)

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  1. bungalowdoglover

    Have you priced any of the wooden doors? I’m considering a steel carriage style door by Clopay called the Coachman Collection. It will cost approx, $1200-1300 for a 9×7 door, much cheaper than the same door in wood(hemlock). I prefer the wood, but Mr. Door Salesman seems to think steel is the way to go. Any thoughts?

  2. heather

    Hi! We will soon be facing the same dilemma. I, too, prefer the look of wood. For us the deciding factor will probably be how much money we have available to spend. I have read that wood doors don’t hold up as well but don’t agree since I have seen wood garage doors in our neighborhood that are at least 80 years old that are still in excellent condition. I’m not sure what we will do when the time comes?

  3. don

    if you might be thinking something REAL, you might look at Real Carriage Door Co that makes real swing out carriage doors of…. wood, like original, at http://www.realcarriagedoors.com

  4. Carolina

    I am looking for a Bungalow style garage door, do you have any suggestions?

  5. Colleen

    I also think that Clopay Doors is great for both commercial and industrial garage doors. Their website is http://www.clopaydoor.com. Check them out. Our garage door at our home is so beautiful and we owe it all to Clopay.


  6. Sara


    We experienced the exact same dilemma with our garage door, which is actually integrated with the house. (It’s a Sears & Robuck home, so the garage and basement are one and the same.) I’m sure you’re already doing this, but search craigslist and ebay daily if you have to, and start calling local Demo & Salvage companies to see if they’re tearing down any homes in your area with doors that might work. We ended up finding a set of wooden carriage doors from another Sears house up in Boston for $50 and were able to get a local carpenter to restore them and cut them to size for another $200. Yes, they probably cost us more if you add in our little “vacation” to Boston several hours away, but the entire experience was worth it, and once we install the doors this summer, I know that they’re going to look fantastic! Good luck!

  7. Crystal Alexander

    Our garage is currently doorless! That’s a much worse “personality”! My hubby, and is talented coworker, are designing and building a garage door very similar to the photo above! I cannot wait to see the finished results of yours and mine!!!!

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