• March 9, 2004

Vote on House Color

Help us decide what color to paint our bungalow

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The house color debate continues…
Hopefully, whatever color combination we choose will look a little better than in my renderings but this should give you some idea of what we are considering.

Which color do you prefer? Vote by clicking on the text below: Sorry, voting has ended.

(vote only once)

Image 1: 365 votes  

Image 2: 195 votes  

We have a winner! It seems that green is the overwhelming color preference. Maybe, just maybe, we will go with the green color after all? Now, if only I can convince David…

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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  1. Cheryll

    Hi Heather! I like them both alot! My first choice is #1. If you want a green house, you should have a green house!!! Perhaps you can make your house stand out from the other green houses on your street with your trim colors. I love to landscape. Nice landscaping can also make your house stand out from the others and make your house appear unique. I would go with the green you love so much. Your house will still be the best looking house on the block I am sure! Cheryll

  2. Millie

    The green reminds me of the east coast where I grew up. The other color reminds me of Ca. where I live now. Everything is Ca. is this color now. Guess it’s “The” color of choice out here. I still like the green. It’s classic and never out of style. Good luck.

  3. Dave

    How did you do these house color samples? in photoshop? or a website?

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