• March 4, 2004

Art Deco Bathrooms

Bathrooms, Inspiration

We have been getting a few posts lately about people redoing their bathrooms. So, in that spirit I have decided to post some pictures from “New Ideas For Bathrooms” published by Crane in the late 1920s. Enjoy!



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  1. laurie

    Thanks for posting the pictures of deco bathrooms! It really gave me some ideas, ‘because our house definitely has some original deco elements, and I want to stay true to that feel.

  2. ben

    Sweet! All our fixtures are Crane from the 50′s and Art Deco would look right at home. These pics really give me some ideas.

  3. Jessica

    Its funny to think how modern bathrooms looked all the way back in the 20s! Thanks for sharing those!!

  4. Laurie


    I was thinking the same…all you’d have to do is replace the toilet, and someone would walk into this bathroom and say, “Wow, it’s so modern!”

  5. Andrew

    Looks like my 1926 Standard peg leg sink and toilet. Your write it has a modern feel about it very sleek.

  6. Marie

    Our home was built circa 1885 and didn’t originally have an indoor bathroom (they had a “two-seater” in the carriage house.) I’m not sure when our house got its first indoor bathroom. We are going to be renovating soon and these images have given me a lot of inspiration.

    I want our new bathrooms to fit the style of our old house. I figure if I give slight modern twists to historical designs, the traditional style will fit in our house without becoming dated like something too trendy would. These styles from the 1920s are at once traditional and modern but won’t seem outdated in 10 or 20 years.

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