• February 4, 2004

House Update

Wonder what’s been going on at our house?

Restoration Diary, ,

The walls of the den are being plastered.

So much better than before!

This wall and the ceiling will be drywalled with a skim coat of plaster over it.

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  1. dennis

    Wanted to wish the best with your renovation and thank you for sharing all the images and stories with us. I am also making much smaller renovations to our newly purchased 1926 stucco bungalow in Portland, OR. I am currently beginning to strip the window and door mouldings of the many layers of paint to refinish the fir underneath. I don’t know too much about the actual refinishing process and wondered what type of wood your mouldings are (i can’t tell from the pics) I am particularly interested in how you refinished the wood (it looks great!) and any good products you might have used. I am currently using a chemical stripper to get the paint off…. All the best and keep posting your progress..its very inspiring!

  2. heather


    Thanks for your kind message. We get asked about our woodwork often. I will write an entry explaining how our woodwork was refinished. Best of luck with your project!

    Keep us posted,

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