• February 11, 2004

Den & Dogs

Walls painted Great Barrington Green from the Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Collection

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Yesterday we got a male corgi puppy. We are calling him Simon. At first Lulu, our 4.5 years old slightly spoiled female corgi, seemed to accept Simon. They even briefly played together.

Lulu and Simon

Once she realized that he was staying she changed her mind. She is showing her teeth at Simon any time he comes near what she considers her territory – which is almost everything. Of course, the cats are less than thrilled and we are getting the cold shoulder.

What does that have to do with our den? Not a whole lot except that all the above is highly distracting. The woodwork in the den has been bleached, stained and varnished. Paint is on the walls. I picked the color on my first try this time! Real progress. The color is Great Barrington Green from the Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Collection.

The walls above the picture rail and the ceiling still need to be painted.

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  1. SteveG

    Great job. I only have one question. Did you do the wood work, or did Juan? It looks great. Juan is coming out to my house on Sunday to give me an estimate. Thanks for the reference.

  2. heather

    Hi, Steve!

    Juan did the woodwork. He is absolutely amazing! I can’t say enough nice things about him and the high level of professionalism he brings to a project. I think you will be very happy if you go with him.

    Best of luck!

  3. Dennis

    Simon is so cute! My wife and I were just visiting a friend last week who has 2 corgis and she was telling us how the first corgi acted exactly the same when they brought the 2nd corgi home…now they are bossom buddies …inseperable..Your den photos were great to see…the small/long window at the end of the room is very similar to the window that I am test-stripping to refinish…same style casings and everything…did you have a lot of screw holes from people installing curtain rods and such over the years? did you just fill them with Bondo? or paint over them? All the best…

  4. heather


    It’s good to hear that there is hope for the dog situation. Right now we are wondering if they will ever be friends?

    We had numerous holes where people had placed curtains in at different heights and widths. It looked like some of the curtain rods had actually been ripped out of the molding instead of taken down with a screwdriver. We thought that we might need to completely replace the wood in some places but Bondo did the trick. You can’t even tell now unless you are looking closely.


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