• January 21, 2004

We Have a Wall Color!

Bungalow living room painted Wilmington Tan from Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection

Paint, Restoration Diary

Wilmington Tan from Benjamin Moore’s historic collection on the walls. The fireplace is now stripped.

When we were selecting the wall color for the dining room last spring, we went through 6 different colors starting with burnt red and ending with a golden yellow. This time we were able to choose a wall color in two tries. We are certainly improving. Actually, there is not much of a “we”, David usually goes along with whatever color I select. Then he loves the color even when it’s blatantly wrong.

Opps! Looks like we missed a spot or two.

My first choice was a soft gold color by Sherwin Williams that looked too green next to our dining room walls. We ended up going with Wilmington Tan from Benjamin Moore’s historical collection. It is a shade darker than the Shelburne Buff from the same collection that we used on the dining room walls. The ceiling is painted Compatible Cream from Sherwin Williams.

The new vent cover from Rejuvenation is installed.

We are almost done with the living room. There is some touch up work that needs to be done with paint and stain. Our brick fireplace got a little faded from the paint stripper so we are looking into staining it. There is some hardware to install in the room and we need to hang the antique light fixture once it arrives. I’ll post more photos once we get all the final pieces installed in the room.

A backward glance, our living room before restoration and the worst days during the restoration.

Now we are starting work on the den!

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  1. jmo

    GORGEOUS! Congrats! You have done a magnificent job…

  2. heather


  3. maggie

    Your site is amazing. I stumbled on it late one night looking at paint colors and entering something that led me to you. We are also restoring a 1912 bungalow although not one as beautiful as yours. I would love to know what the name of the yellow in your dining room is, and what brand. Thank you for sharing your experiences. It has been really fun to read. Maggie

  4. heather

    Hi Maggie!

    Our dining room wall color is called Shelburne Buff by Benjamin Moore Paint.

    Although, I have to warn you that several other people have tried that color on their walls and felt it was too light. I’m not sure why that happens? I think a lot of it depends on the light in the room.

    Best of luck with your 1912 bungalow!

  5. Sarah

    WOW! I came across this site when searching for paint colors. You have a beautiful house. I can only imagine all the work! Congrats. The restored wood and paint colors look amazing!

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