• January 20, 2004

The Ring

Installing a beeswax toilet ring

Restoration Diary,

Today I discovered the use of a beeswax ring as I re-installed the toilet in our upstairs bathroom. The whole project only took an hour and I found instructions on diynet.com. I discovered that the beeswax ring forms a water tight seal between the floor and the toilet.

Once I had connected the water line, I turned it on and crossed my fingers. As the bowl started to fill I was preparing for leaks. When the bowl was completely filled I flushed the toilet and crossed my fingers hoping that water would not come rushing out from the base of the bowl.

No leaks. It was a perfect flush! {David being our resident handyman}

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  1. Chris

    Congratulations! In the purchase of our “new” home I have discovered that I need to replace the toilet. It’s old, usese nearly 5 gallons of water per flush and doesn’t even flush completely….what a drag.

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