• January 25, 2004

Den’s Paint Stripped

All the paint has been stripped off our Douglas fir woodwork

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Juan’s team has made fast progress in the den. Most of the paint has been stripped off the woodwork. They will start removing wallpaper from the walls next. Hopefully, the walls in that room will be in better shape. Fingers crossed!

:: Learn more about how to strip paint and refinish woodwork ::

Not Lulu’s best look.

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  1. me


  2. heather

    Thanks, Mom. I fixed the typo.

  3. Douglas

    What are you using to strip the wood? I use JUSCO stripper and I know how hard the job can be. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks, Douglas

  4. heather

    Hi! I haven’t tried JUSCO. We used Master Strip, Formula A Remover made by McBride Co. in Los Angeles (phone: 818. 507. 8900). Thanks for your message.

  5. Robert

    Have you stopped using the Silent Paint Remover? I just purchased one and it will be delivere tomorrow?

    I am concerned about the lead in the old paint. Will the SPR help?



  6. heather

    Hi, Robert. The Silent Paint Remover is wonderful on flat surfaces but we had difficulty getting into tight corners because of the size of the SPR. We are mainly using the SPR outside now because of all the detail in our molding.

    The SPR works at a low enough operating temperature to prevent lead gases that may be present in the paint from being released, so it’s wonderful in that respect.

    Another tip is to make sure the blades on your scraper are sharp. Good luck with your project.

  7. Jen

    Hi there,
    I just found your web log and I LOVE it! Thanks for taking the time to do this! My husband and I recently bought a 1928 bungalow in the Temescal neighborhood and are trying to fix it up. The thing we want most is to strip the paint off all of the wood work, but have been leary of undertaking such a project. Can you give any advice at all–yours looks FABULOUS! Did you do it yourself–what products were used? Or did you hire that project out and who do you recommend using? THANKS!!!!

  8. heather

    Hi, Jen!

    Congratulations on your new house! Paint stripping is a not a fun process. I hate to sound negative but it is usually a long, slow, messy job.

    We know a couple who have started making pitchers of margaritas and then going straight to tequila shots just to get through it. Truthfully, they drank before so stripping paint didn’t turn them into raging alcoholics. :)

    We were able to hire out the paint stripping for the den. But, I don’t think we’ll be able to be as decedent in our future projects. Yes, decedent. To me having our paint stripped was better than spending the whole day being pampered at a luxury spa, not that I ever spent a whole day being pampeered at a luxury spa.

    Due to lack of funds we will be resuming the paint stripping duties for all future projects. That reminds me, I had better pick up some more tequila…

    Now to answer your question, this rambling must be the effect of inhaling way too many toxic paint stripper fumes, aside from the tequila tip, here is a detailed guide to removing paint and refinishing woodwork:


    Best of luck with your house.

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