• January 9, 2004

Living Room Plaster Walls Update

Proof that even badly damaged plaster walls can be saved

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Juan worked a miracle on our walls. He replastered them and we’re very happy with how they turned out. It is such a relief from the way the plaster walls looked before.

These pictures were taken yesterday while the walls were drying. The areas that look a little yellow are areas that haven’t completely dried. They did a final skim coat of plaster on the walls today. They also started on the ceiling.

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  1. jmo

    A Masterpiece! WOW!

  2. Patrick Grote

    Fantastic jon. How long did it take to do?

  3. heather

    Hi! Juan and his team (the people we hired to work on the walls) have been working on them for the past 6 days. That also includes removing the wallpaper. They have done a great job.

  4. Tim

    The Dining room looks phenomenal. Who knew that beautiful wood was hidden behind all of that paint? People sure can be dumb…. What a sin to paint that woodwork… Where is the house? I live in Michigan and am getting ready to redo the bath in my 83 year old arts & crafts house and have been consulting websites/books on “vintage” baths. I am doing 3×6 subway white tiles with black accents and granite tile around the shower but could not bring myself to do white octagon tiles on the floor because of the dirt. Instead I am doing 12×12 grey speckled tiles to match the granite and blend with the black/white theme and to hide the dirt. I did white tiles in my kitchen. Never again! Dirt is always visible. We hate cleaning! Good luck with the rest of your project. It looks like fun!

  5. heather

    Hi Tim! Your bathroom sounds like it will be beautiful. The bathroom is on our list. Hopefully, we’ll be able to tackle that later this year.

    Cleaning is not real high on our list either, but with 3 cats and a dog it probably should be. :)

    Our house is located in Los Angeles, CA. Our woodwork was originally stained a very dark brown, almost black color and the plaster walls were a dark cinnamon brown so it doesn’t surprise me that someone decided to lighten up the place and give it a “modern” look. The truth is, I didn’t even like the original dark finish. But, boy am I floored at how the woodwork has turned out!

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